Open Enrollment for 2023 University Benefits

Premium and Plan Updates

Medical Insurance

  • New Fertility benefits
    Fertility benefits will be added to all three medical plans. We will be partnering with Cigna and WINFertility to provide member advocacy and clinical program support. The addition of this benefit provides an important enhancement for our employees and their families should they seek fertility/family building medical support.
  • New Prescription Drug Formulary Benefits
    After a comprehensive market review, the University will move to a new prescription drug formulary. Moving to a new formulary will keep overall premium costs lower than they might have been while providing little disruption to employee prescription drug benefits. Please see updated formulary here.
  • The premium for medical insurance will increase. Employees enrolled in the $4000 HDHP plan will see increases ranging from $2.77/month to $22.87/month, depending on the level of coverage. Employees in the $1750 HDHP plan will see increases from $5.29/month to $29.04/month and in the traditional plan from $5.80 per month to $33.39/month, depending on the level of coverage. You can see all the new premiums here

Dental Insurance will change for 2023

  • The University has enhanced and broadened our dental insurance coverage.
  • Delta Dental will be our new dental plan provider for 2023. 
  • Employees will now have a choice in the type of dental coverage they would like to purchase — a Basic Plan or an Enhanced Plan. Please see the details of each plan here. The Basic Plan provides less coverage than our current plan but is less costly while the Enhanced Plan provides more extensive coverage, which employees have asked about. Please note: If you are currently enrolled in the Anthem dental plan you will be moved to the Delta Enhanced plan in the WEX Benefits Portal. If you wish to change or cancel your dental coverage, you may do so in the WEX Benefits Portal.

Vision Insurance

  • Premiums will decrease by 12.4% for 2023 while coverage will remain the same. See new premiums here.

Dependent Care and Medical Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

  • Dependent Care and Medical Flexible Spending Accounts will be administered by WEX effective Jan. 1, 2023. There will be a brief blackout period from January 1 – 13, 2023. During this time, any 2022 balances will be rolled over to WEX and will not be available for reimbursement. If you have receipts you have not filed, you may wish to do so before December 31, 2022.


Important Documents & Notices

Important documents and notices regarding the University of Richmond Employee Welfare Benefits Plan (the “Plan”) are available online. The documents and notices provide information about your enrollment opportunities, benefits, coverage, rights and obligations under the Plan. The documents are available here. (Because the documents are in PDF format, you may need to download Adobe Reader in order to be able to read the documents.) You have the right to request a paper copy of the documents, free of charge, by contacting