Open Enrollment for 2024 University Benefits

Plan Updates

The University will continue to offer three medical plan choices in 2024: two high deductible health plans and an open access plan (the current Traditional plan).  Overall, the University is committed to contributing approximately 80% of the total premium cost for our Health Insurance Plan while employees pay approximately 20% of premium expense. We understand and appreciate that our employees have varying needs and preferences.  Our goal is that each employee has access to plans that align with their healthcare needs and financial considerations.  We also strive to maintain consistency between plans by working to have the University fund each plan equally across the three options and allowing employees to make informed decisions based on their individual needs.

After thoroughly reviewing our options with the University Benefits Committee, we have made strides towards this goal for 2024.  We’ve also slightly modified our three medical plan designs to ensure that we have varying out of pocket/payroll deduction requirements to meet the diverse needs of our population (see new rates here). While these adjustments may lead to slightly varying increases or, in some cases, decreases in current premiums, they ultimately allow you to select the best-suited plan for you and your dependents.

Cigna will no longer mail ID cards beginning in 2024, in order to reduce paper waste.

2024 Plan Updates
New Name Former Name Plan Design Changes
Base High Deductible (HD) HDHP $4,000 None - $4,000 deductible
Value High Deductible (HD) HDHP $1,750
  • Deductible increases from $1,750 individual/$3,500 family to $2,500/$4,500
  • Out of Pocket maximums increase from $4,000 individual/$8,000 family to $5,000 individual/$10,000 family
Choice Open Access Traditional Out of pocket maximums decrease from $5,000 individual/$10,000 family to $4,000 individual/$8,000 family
Enhanced coverage will be added for gender-affirming health care to all plans.


(Base & Enhanced)
Plan design and premiums remain the same for 2024, see premiums here.
Vision Plan design and premiums remain the same for 2024, see premiums here.



Dependent Care and Medical Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

• No change for 2024 (see new Federal contribution limits)

Important Documents & Notices

Important documents and notices regarding the University of Richmond Employee Welfare Benefits Plan (the “Plan”) are available online. The documents and notices provide information about your enrollment opportunities, benefits, coverage, rights and obligations under the Plan. The documents are available here. (Because the documents are in PDF format, you may need to download Adobe Reader in order to be able to read the documents.) You have the right to request a paper copy of the documents, free of charge, by contacting