Associated Colleges of the South (ACS)

The Associated Colleges of the South is a reciprocal scholarship program for dependents of eligible faculty and staff employed at about 15 participating institutions. The Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) award is for full tuition and is more competitive than the Tuition Exchange, Inc. program.

Import/Export Balance

  • An export is a University of Richmond dependent applying to an Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) member.
  • An import is an Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) member’s dependent applying to the University of Richmond.

The University must maintain a balance between exports and imports in order to remain in good standing with ACS.

For example, the University of Richmond may import three freshmen from Furman, Washington and Lee, and Sewanee through ACS and export three freshmen to Rhodes, Rollins, and Furman in a given year. This would create a perfect import/export balance—3 imports/3 exports for that year.

It is imperative that the University keep its imports and exports in balance to ensure the success of the program. If UR exports have to be limited in a given year, eligibility will be determined by the seniority in length of service of the faculty or staff member.