Professional Expectations

It is important in each University role that we foster a commitment to community, work collaboratively, and take responsibility for excellence. With the University's guiding mission, our commitment to work together to serve our constituencies, and our resolve to make decisions that benefit the University, each person will incorporate professional standards into his or her daily work experiences.

University of Richmond faculty and staff should conduct themselves respectfully, ethically, honestly, and with integrity in all dealings. They need to be fair and principled in their official interactions and to act in good faith in these matters with others both within and outside the University community. They should act with due recognition of their position of trust and loyalty with respect to the University and its students, employees, research sponsors, donors and visitors. When in doubt about the propriety of a proposed course of action, they should seek counsel from those colleagues, supervisors, or administrators who can assist in determining the right and appropriate course of conduct.

Each department may establish additional guidelines for conduct, personal presentation, and appropriate dress.

Revised: 2.14.2016