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Voluntary Dental

The University provides a voluntary dental insurance plan through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield that allows employees the opportunity to purchase dental coverage at a lower rate than they may get on their own.

Contact Information

Anthem Dental Customer Service: 1-866-956-8607


  • Diagnostic and preventive services at 100 percent in-network;
  • Basic services at 80 percent in-network;
  • Major services at 50 percent in-network;
  • Orthodontic services (up to age 18) at 50 percent
  • Plan pays up to a maximum of $1,250 per person per calendar year. 
  • Plan provides $1,000 in coverage for orthodontic care per child, per lifetime 


Costs are based on the University's experience and are subject to annual change. Bi-weekly premiums are taken out of 24 pay periods.

2019 Rates

  • Employee Only: Monthly premium $27.81; Bi-weekly premium $13.91
  • Employee/Child: Monthly premium $50.38; Bi-weekly premium $25.19
  • Employee/Spouse: Monthly premium $50.38; Bi-weekly premium $25.19
  • Employee/Family: Monthly premium $86.28; Bi-weekly premium $43.14


It is the responsibility of the employee to complete an enrollment application for the University's dental insurance plan no later than 31 days after his or her employment start date. If an employee fails to comply with this requirement, the employee must wait until open enrollment to apply for coverage. You can download the Benefit Change Form to enroll.

Please note that dental insurance may only be changed during the open enrollment period. However, an employee whose eligibility status changes during the year may be eligible to make changes to his or her current coverage within 31 days of the status change. For more information please refer to the Enrollment Section in the Plan Document.

Dependent Coverage

Employees have the option to enroll eligible dependents. Please see Eligibility Section of Plan Document for further details.


For information regarding COBRA, please refer to the COBRA Section of the Plan Document.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

For information regarding HIPAA, please refer to the Certificate of Coverage under the Group Medical Plan section of the Plan Document.

Questions About Benefits?

Contact Human Resources at (804) 289-URHR (8747) or email