Provide Training for my Employees


Role of Supervisor

  • Know the career development needs and interests of each employee
  • Be aware of the development resources available for employees
  • Be knowledgeable of any required training for employee (Title IX and FERPA, plus any required departmental training)
  • Craft a development plan for each employee
  • Support employee development and participation in training or educational programs

Role of Human Resources

  • Provide professional development offerings for all employees
  • Provide development planning templates to employees and Supervisors
  • Track and report training participation in UR Talent Web
  • Consult with employees and Supervisors on development options

Process Steps

  1. Supervisor discusses career and development goals with each employee. Supervisor shares any required training information with employee.
  2. Supervisor and employee create a development action plan.
  3. Supervisor shares information on required training and professional development opportunities with each employee. Supervisor can assign training to employees through UR Talent Web as appropriate.
  4. Employee seeks out development and training opportunities that meet his/her need and gets approval from Supervisor.
  5. Employee registers for training through UR Talent Web, Executive Education, SPCS, CTLT, or other available sources.
  6. Employee participates in training sessions.
  7. Employee shares learning and information with Supervisor and team (if appropriate) and can add external training (training completed outside of Talent Web registration) to UR Talent Web so that it will appear on the employee transcript.
  8. Supervisors can check employee transcripts in UR Talent Web to view training completions.