Leave of Absence

An employee's leave of absences from work will not be approved for more than one year from the date the leave commenced without the authorization of the Board of Trustees. Decisions are made on the merits of each request. Length of service continuity is not broken while on an approved leave of absence. There is no holiday, vacation, or sick leave accrual during an unpaid leave of absence.

Probationary employees are not eligible to request a voluntary leave of absence.


An employee must request a leave of absence with or without pay in writing from his or her supervisor.

This request must include:

  • Reason(s) for the leave
  • Time needed for leave

The supervisor must make a recommendation in writing to the CHRO. The circumstances can then be discussed and a decision made by the supervisor and the associate vice president.

If an absence exceeds 10 workdays in total, then the leave of absence will be considered involuntary (unless the reason for the absence results from an action taken by the University or the employee's supervisor). Failure to request a leave of absence from your supervisor may cause the leave to be unexcused.

Medical Leave of Absence

Provisions for the continuation of medical insurance for employees on Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 leave are provided in the FMLA section. Otherwise, medical insurance may be continued during a leave of absence only if the employee pays the total University premium.

Life and disability insurance may be continued provided the employee pays the total University premiums.