Voluntary Vision Insurance

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University of Richmond offers a comprehensive vision care benefit from Anthem, called Blue View Vision. Enrolling in this coverage can help you manage the cost of eyeglasses and contact lenses, as well as eye examinations. Refer to your plan documents for full details.

See the Anthem detailed benefits sheets for additional information: 


  • Employee
    • All full-time employees have the option to enroll in the University's Voluntary Vision plan. Please see Eligibility Section of Plan Document for further details.
  • Dependent
    • Employees have the option to enroll eligible family members. Please see Eligibility Section of Plan Document for further details.





Exam – Every 12 Months


Up to $35




Frame Allowance – Every 24 Months

$150 allowance plus 20% off remaining balance

Up to $45

Lenses – Every 12 Months



Up to $25



Up to $40



Up to $55

Contact Lenses – Instead of Glasses

Contact Lens Exam

Up to $55



$150 allowance

Up to $105

* Using a provider that is out of the network shown above, you may experience higher costs.




Employee Per Pay Cost

(24 Pays)

2024 Vision Employee Cost



Employee Only



Employee & Spouse
Employee & Child



Employee & Children







It is the responsibility of the employee to complete an enrollment application for one of the University's Voluntary Vision plan no later than 30 days after his or her employment start date. Coverage will be effective the first day of the month following employment. If employment begins on the first of the month, coverage will begin that day.

You can enroll by logging into the WEX Benefits Portal.

An employee whose eligibility status changes during the year may be eligible to make changes to his or her current coverage within 30 days of the status change. For more information please refer to the Enrollment Section in the Plan Document.


Please refer to the Participation Section of the Plan Document to view when insurance will be effective.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

For information regarding HIPAA, please refer to the Certificate of Coverage under the Group Medical Plan section of the Plan Document.