Reclassify a Job


Role of Supervisor

  • Consults with department head about proposed changes to the position and discuss funding options
  • Reviews current position description and make revisions to reflect the change in responsibilities
  • Consults with the HR Business Partner about the changes to ensure the position description is complete and appropriate for review
  • Determines final salary increase based on HR’s recommendation and works with the department head and Office of Planning & Budget for funding
  • Informs Human Resources of final salary increase
  • Communicates changes to the employee and presents employee with letter regarding new title, grade, and salary

Role of Human Resources

  • HR Business Partner ensures the changes to the position are in alignment with the University, division, and department’s objectives and submits revised position description to Compensation Specialist
  • Compensation Specialist and/or HR Business Partner consults with the supervisor if additional information is needed to evaluate the position
  • Compensation Specialist evaluates the position and determines appropriate title, grade, and recommended salary increase and provides information to HR Business Partner
  • Compensation Specialist prepares PAF and letter


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