Spousal Surcharge

University of Richmond charges a $100 per month surcharge ($50 biweekly, 24 pays) to employees that elect to cover spouses who are eligible for group medical coverage through their own employer, or to spouses that are retired and have access to a health plan through their previous employer or retirement plan.

The surcharge does not affect spouses who are not working or who are not offered group health insurance by their employers.

The spousal surcharge will be waived if:

  • You do not enroll your spouse in the University of Richmond medical plan
  • Your spouse is not employed and not eligible for an employer retiree health plan
  • Your spouse is employed, but is not eligible for medical coverage through their employer
  • Your spouse is eligible for and/or enrolled in Medicare/Medicaid and not offered a supplement through a retiree health plan.
  • You and your spouse both work full-time at the University of Richmond

We encourage individuals with access to other employer-sponsored group insurance to review all medical plan options and helps UR keep our program more affordable. You should compare coverage and total costs both ways to see what makes the most sense for your family from a cost and benefit perspective.