Cigna Virtual Care

With Cigna Virtual Care, get the care you need, including prescriptions, for a wide range of minor conditions. Connect with a board-certified doctor, including pediatricians, when, where and how it works best for you – via video or phone – without having to leave home or work.

Why use Cigna Virtual Care?

  • Easy access:
    • Whenever – 24/7/365, including holidays and weekends for medical. Appointments scheduled in minutes for behavioral care.
    • Wherever – at home, at work or on-the-go.
    • However – via video or phone.
    • Whomever – adult and pediatric care for medical. Adults 18+ for behavioral.
    • Whyever – care for minor medical conditions and behavioral/mental health needs.
  • Quality: Board-certified doctors, pediatricians and licensed therapists and psychiatrists.
  • Cost effective: Virtual care is the lowest cost option. Call Cigna One-Guide for specific costs.
  • Convenient: Prescriptions sent directly to a local pharmacy, if appropriate.

What can the Cigna Virtual Care doctors help with?

Medical Virtual Care Behavioral Virtual Care





Cold and flu







Insect bites

Joint aches


Pink eye


Respiratory infections


Sinus infections

Skin infections

Sore throats

Urinary tract infections


Bipolar disorders

Child/adolescent issues


Eating disorders


Life changes

Men's issues

Panic disorders

Parenting issues

Postpartum depression

Relationship and marriage issues



Women's issues

Getting Care Virtually

Types of Care

Watch this video to learn all about virtual care.

Primary Care

Virtual primary care includes two services: virtual wellness screenings and routine care. Virtual wellness screenings are a replacement for an in-person wellness exam. Routine care visits help members manage conditions and establish a relationship with a PCP. Primary care is offered by appointment-only.

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Routine Care

Routine care will launch 1/1/2022. Members must make routine care appointments at providers’ availability. Routine care visits help members manage conditions and establish a relationship with a PCP. For example, a member may have had a virtual wellness screening and the provider found evidence of high cholesterol. Members would leverage routine care visits to help manage their lifestyle and prescriptions to treat their high cholesterol. During these appointments, providers can order ad-hoc labs to measure success of treatment plans.

Learn more about wellness screenings


Virtual dermatology will launch on 1/1/2022. MDLIVE requires members to describe their condition, take a picture (or a few) of the affected area, and upload them to the MDLIVE for Cigna portal. A doctor will respond with a treatment plan within 24 hours. There is no “live” conversation with a doctor via phone or video; consults are completed via messaging. Members can get dermatological care for over 3,000 hair, skin, and nail conditions including acne, dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, and suspicious spots and moles.

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Behavioral Care

These providers can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications for many, common mental health conditions during nonemergency situations. The cost share will vary based on the customer’s plan design, provider selection (therapist vs. psychiatrist) and length of session.

Many of Cigna's in-network behavioral providers offer their treatment services virtually. You can search for virtual providers on or ask specifically for virtual health providers when you call the 800 number to ask for help finding a provider. Receiving behavioral health and substance use treatment services virtually offers a convenient way to connect.

Your out-of-pocket cost is the same as if you were being seen at the provider’s office setting. All University employees have access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), so you can take advantage of your EAP sessions virtually, too.

Learn more about behavioral care here

Learn more about virtual minor medical care and behavioral/mental health care

How to find a behavioral virtual providers

How to Use Virtual Care

Get medical and behavioral care with MDLIVE. MDLIVE also provides urgent care, treating more than 80 minor medical conditions including sinus infection, urinary tract infection (female), respiratory infection and flu. During COVID-19, MDLIVE expanded services to include COVID-19 evaluation and prescription refill. The average consultation time for urgent care is 5 minutes.

Access Cigna's network in the provider directory on, or access MDLIVE for Cigna on the Find Care & Costs page on to schedule an online appointment.

Cigna offers assistance in finding the right provider for you 24/7/365. If you have difficulty locating a provider online or need help finding an appointment for a virtual visit, their team will reach out to providers and help you find appointment availability based on your schedule.

  • Non-Medicare customers call: 800.274.7603
  • Medicare customers call: 800.866.6534

Talkspace & MAP Health Management

Get mental health care and substance use recovery support with Talkspace & MAP Health Management.

  • Talkspace: Find personalized and convenient mental health and substance use support. Connect with a licensed therapist via private texting and live video sessions, along with psychiatrist services and other online resources. Learn more here.
  • MAP Health Management: Peer-to-peer substance use recovery support that allows customers with substance use disorders to access care virtually. Available to customers in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Please note: Cigna Virtual Care is not for emergencies. If you’re experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately.