One Card ID

Employees and members of their immediate families, who wish to use University facilities must have identification cards.

Immediate family, for this benefit, is defined as the employee's:

  • Spouse
  • Dependent children (age 12 to the end of the calendar year in which they reach age 26)

A photo-identification card must be obtained in the One Card office, located in the Heilman Center. Immediate family members may also apply for photo-identification cards. While dependent children under the age of 12 are not issued these cards, they may use University facilities, provided a family member accompanies them with a photo-identification card.

The University identification card serves many purposes including:

  • Accessing personal funds for on-campus purchases
  • Identifying an individual as a member of the campus community
  • Providing access to campus buildings

Your identification card must be treated with special care. Misplaced cards must be reported immediately to the One Card office so that the card can be deactivated and a new one issued. Photo-identification cards are initially supplied at no cost. However, employees must pay for replacement cards.