Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

The University is committed to identifying and hiring great employees. We encourage our current employees to be ambassadors for the University, to seek out qualified and talented candidates, and to refer them to open positions. The University provides a $1000 referral bonus to current employees when they refer an external applicant who is hired into an open full- or part-time position. 

The Referral Bonus Policy can be found in the University’s Policy Library

Referral Bonus Policy


Eligible Employee:

Active UR employee who played no role in the hiring process associated with the candidate for which they are listed as a referring employee, is not in an ineligible position, and is satisfactorily employed (not subject to any disciplinary review or action) on the date the bonus payment is processed.  Not all UR employees or positions are eligible to participate in this bonus program. 

Ineligible Employee:

  • Managers and supervisors who are involved in the recruitment of the vacant staff position
  • Human Resources employees involved in the hiring process
  • Hiring committee members, if applicable, and any other employee involved in influencing the hiring decision, including employees who interviewed candidates for the position and/or provided feedback to the hiring manager
  • Members of the President’s Cabinet
  • Student employees
  • Employees in casual, temporary, and limited-term positions

External Candidate:

External candidates include new applicants, as well as existing applicants in the UR Talent Web applicant tracking system and prior university employees who left the university in good standing who are hired for a permanent part-time or full-time staff role (excludes faculty, temporary, limited-term, casual positions). The external candidate must name the referring employee on their application during the initial application process.



The University will provide a $1,000 referral bonus to eligible current UR employees when they refer an external applicant to an open full or part-time position and that external candidate is hired and successfully completes their 6-month probationary period.  Referral bonuses will not be paid for current UR employees (internal candidates) who are hired into a new job at UR, even if they list an eligible person as the referring employee.    

To receive a referral bonus, the eligible employee must be listed by the external candidate on their application - only one person may be listed as the referring employee.  After the external candidate is hired and successfully completes their six-month probationary period, Human Resources will notify the eligible employee when the bonus is to be paid.  Referral bonuses are considered income and will be subject to all applicable taxes.  There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses an eligible employee can receive. 

All candidates must be evaluated for employment consistent with University policies and procedures, and no employee will be eligible for a referral bonus if they played a role in influencing the hiring decision. 

Referral bonuses are centrally funded.

View the Referral Bonus Policy.