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Benefit for Staff Employees

Information on accrued vacation time is included on the employee's pay stub. This balance information may also be obtained online through BannerWeb.

Staff Vacation Leave Policy

Staff accrue vacation time according to the length of continuous University service:

Length of Continuous Service

Monthly Accrual

Yearly Accrual

1 month-4 years

1 day

12 days

4 years and 1 month-9 years

1.25 days

15 days

9 years and 1 month-14 years

1.5 days

18 days

14 years and 1 month or more

1.67 days

20 days

Part-time employees accrue vacation time on a pro-rated basis.

University Librarians: 
Librarians accrue 20 days vacation per year.

Calculation of Vacation Time Accrued: 
A new employee's eligibility date for vacation accrual is based on the start date of employment. In order to accrue leave for the month, a new employee must begin work on or before the 15th of the month. Otherwise, vacation accumulates from the first day of the following month.

Eligible employees accrue vacation every pay-period as long as they are in a paid status,(e.g. regular, vacation, sick leave, holiday, etc.). Non-exempt/hourly paid employees will earn vacation based on the number of hours paid each pay period; including vacation, holiday, funeral leave, overtime, etc. Employees will not accrue more vacation time than the maximum listed above. 

Exempt employees will accrue vacation based on the number of hours paid in the pay period. Typically, exempt employees are paid the same amount each pay period. If an exempt employee does not receive a full paycheck in a particular month, the vacation accrual will be based on the hours paid. For example, if an exempt employee takes an unpaid leave of absence for part of a month the accrual would be based on time paid.

Employees continue to accrue vacation benefits, without penalty, while on paid time off. For example jury duty, parental leave, temporary military leave, etc.
Employees on authorized unpaid leave of absence do not earn vacation benefits.

Staff who are regularly scheduled to work at least 1,000 hours per year (base schedule is at least 1,000 hours or more) will earn vacation each pay period they receive a pay check. The amount of vacation will be based on the hours paid in the pay period.

Eligible employees regularly scheduled to work less than 12 months per year must take vacation time during their normal work schedules.

Scheduling Vacation: 
The use of earned vacation time is not automatic. Earned vacation may only be taken at times mutually acceptable to the employee and the immediate supervisor. Requests to use vacation time must be agreed to and approved in advance. Department work requirements will always be a prime consideration and the employee's supervisor will make final decisions as to when vacation may be taken.

Employees must take eligible paid time off (sick, vacation, floating holiday/personal day) prior to going on leave without pay.

Year to Year Accumulation of Vacation Time: 
Vacation will normally be taken during the anniversary year in which it is earned. Beginning with the second anniversary date of employment, the maximum vacation accumulated by an employee may not exceed the actual yearly allowance, plus five (5) carry-over days from the previous year. If, on your anniversary date, your balance exceeds your annual yearly accrual allowance, plus five (5) carry-over days, then all excess hours will automatically be subtracted from your vacation accrual total. Monthly employees must submit their leave request and have it approved by their supervisor by the 20th of their anniversary month to avoid loss of vacation. Employees and supervisors should plan ahead to ensure that vacation time is not lost.

Employees who terminate University employment will be paid for unused vacation days.

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