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Bonus Vacation Policy

An employee who has a 42 day accumulation of sick leave may be allowed to trade two sick leave days to receive one day of bonus vacation as long as his or her sick leave balance does not drop below 40 days. In no case would the number of bonus vacation days allowed under this provision exceed five per calendar year (the employee is allowed to convert a maximum of 10 sick leave days from January 1–December 31). Employees must secure prior approval from Human Resources using the Bonus Vacation Form to trade in sick days. Failure to secure this approval will result in docked pay.

Scheduling of Bonus Vacation
As with any vacation, departmental workloads must be given priority consideration before such leave is granted. The scheduling of bonus vacation is subject to prior supervisory approval. Sick time converted to bonus vacation must be taken by December 31st of the year in which time is converted.

An employee who voluntarily resigns or who retires from University employment will not be paid for remaining bonus vacation days subject to the above stated provisions.

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