2023 Service Award Honorees

Congratulations to the following employees, who will be recognized in March of 2024 for their years of service to the University!

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  • 5 Years
    Name School/Department
    Ashelle Brown Human Resources
    Sharon Broyles Athletic Administration
    Michael Carpenter University Facilities - Electrical
    Allie Carter Law School
    Blake Carter University Facilities - Landscape
    Cindy Casey University Recreation
    Rodney Cogbill Human Resources
    Ryan Colton Compliance
    Dina Cortez-Melton Advancement Systems
    Hilary Delman CAPS
    Chaney Eldridge Field Hockey
    Kolby Ferguson University Facilities - Custodial
    Laura Fitrer SPCS
    Amy Fultz Controller’s Office
    Joel Hagman Printing Services
    John Hardt Athletic Administration
    Jamie Lynn Haskins Chaplaincy
    Kate Haydon Gift Planning
    Caitie Hoeckele Financial Aid
    Shasha Hollister CCE
    Julianne Hosford Prospect Research
    Jordan Hunt Annual Giving
    Barbara Johnson-Coleman University Facilities - Custodial
    Hamilton Jones Tyler’s Grill
    Nadine Kigeri University Facilities - Custodial
    Hillary Kuhn Undergraduate Admissions
    Michael LaRue Heilman Dining Center
    Jennifer Lo Prete School of Arts & Sciences
    Laurie Mackey Financial Aid
    Jonathan Moore Spider Management
    Sarah Orr School of Arts & Sciences
    Megan Phillips Alumni Relations
    Alissa Potter Boatwright Library
    Eric Preston University Facilities - Landscape
    Cassie Price Jepson School
    Christopher Quinones Heilman Dining Center
    Wayne Robinson University Facilties - Custodial
    Abram Sanson University Facilities - Plumbing
    Mihreta Selimovic University Facilties - Custodial
    Matt Seymour Heilman Dining Center
    Jonathan Shank Boatwright Library
    Becca Shelton Career Services
    Linda Shepard Bookstore Operations
    Zara Sibtain Westhampton College
    Sarah Spring Human Resources
    Mark Stanton Compliance
    Johnell Starkes The Cellar
    Thomas Strickler University Facilties - Control Systems
    Wilbert Thacker User Services
    James Tillery Heilman Dining Center
    Darrell Tyler Institutional Effectiveness
    Julio Valencia Catering
    Deb White Enterprise Applications
    John Whitty University Facilities - Landscape
    Lauren Wicklund Academics
    Janee Yerby Human Resources
  • 10 Years
    Name School/Department
    Matthew Belk Physics
    Noel Brooking University Facilities - Electrical
    Joy Caporale Office of the Chancellor
    Nancy Cardounel Annual Giving
    Pat Coleman Chemistry
    Hoa Diep Heilman Dining Center
    Loida Domasig Bookstore Operations
    Ray Donahoo Mail Services
    Tegan Evans Campus Services
    George Flanagin Provost’s Office
    Bill Galaspie Enterprise Applications
    Dave Hale Business Affairs
    Nathan Hansen-Hilliard Art & Art History
    David Johnson University Facilities - Support Services
    Matt Jordan University Facilities - Carpentry
    Clarence Keith University Facilities - Custodial
    Andy Kerscher Heilman Dining Center
    Karyn Kuhn Psychology
    Andy Lafoon University Facilities - Carpentry
    CanYuan Li Heilman Dining Center
    Erin Lowery Career Services
    Shannon Millisor ECSS
    Paul Richards Men’s Lacrosse
    Rick Richardson University Facilities - Control Systems
    Chuck Rogers University Facilities - Architectural
    Heather Sadowski Health Promotion
    Kate Sirc Athletic Administration
    Jeff Smith ETC
    Jennifer Stancil Advancement
    Leslee Stone Law School
    David Straley University Facilities - Boiler Plant
    RuiYi Su Heilman Dining Center
    Robin Taylor University Facilities - Custodial
    Renee Walcott Campus Safety
    Stephen Walker Controller’s Office
    Josh Wroniewicz Campus Services
    Carole Yeatts Law School Career Development
  • 15 Years
    Name School/Department
    Tammy Alexander SPCS
    Crystal Amado Controller’s Office
    Michele Bedsaul* Jepson School
    Suzanne Bird Human Resources
    William Black Heilman Dining Center
    Samuel Blount* University Facilities - Custodial
    Shelley Burns Business School
    Tracy Cauthorn Law School
    Beth Chancy Career Services
    Edward Edwards Heilman Dining Center
    Sean Farrell Modlin Center for the Arts
    Debbie Fisher Business School
    Gina Flanagan Student Development
    Fred Hagemeister Data Centers
    Bubba Jordan University Facilities - Carpentry
    Jeannine Keefer Boatwright Memorial Library
    David Kelly Tyler’s Grill
    Chris Klein International Education
    Nena Kuo Heilman Dining Center
    Nick Lydick User Services
    Vivian Marcoccio SPCS
    Phil Melita  SPCS
    Claudia Mills SPCS
    Robert Nelson Digital Scholarship Lab
    Jennifer O’Donnell Biology
    Kim Powell Institutional Effectiveness
    Christina Quinones Art & Art History
    Dana Rabe Prospect Research
    Shannon Sinclair University Counsel
    Dwayne Smith Registrar
    Travis Smith Boatwright Memorial Library
    Francheska Williams Controller’s Office
    Joyce Williams Heilman Dining Center
    Carol Wittig Boatwright Memorial Library
  • 20 Years
    Name School/Department
    Mark Beatty University Facilities - Electrical
    Patrick Benner Residence Life
    Kerry Fankhauser Westhampton College
    Matthew Fuchs Catering
    Phillip Gravely University Communications
    Steve Lachowski Campus Safety
    Vinny Petrone Data Centers
    Kathy Rothert Mathematics & Statistics
    Cathy Smyth Tyler’s Grill
    Michael Torquato University Facilities - Landscape
  • 25 Years
    Name School/Department
    Ray Cargill Enterprise Applications
    Stephanie Charles User Services
    Kim Edwards Law School
    Pamela Harper Campus Telecommunications
    Bobby Hayes User Services
    Lu Henrick University Facilities - Custodial
    Daniel Hocutt SPCS
    Ed Jones University Facilities - Custodial
    Charley King Controller’s Office
    Sherry Minor Tyler’s Grill
    Keith Mitchell University Facilities - Electrical
    Steve Noles* Counseling & Psychological Services
    Crissy Poindexter Heilman Dining Center
    Bill Quig University Facilities - Architectural
    Scott Tilghman User Services
  • 30 Years
    Name School/Department
    John Jacobs Campus Safety
    Sampson Jones University Facilities - Carpentry
    Russell Newcomb University Facilities - Carpentry
    Eric Smith University Facilities - Custodial
    Alene Waller* Student Health Center
  • 35 Years
    Name School/Department
    Kevin Creamer Information Services
    Mazie Ellerbe University Facilities - Custodial
    Jesse Forbes University Facilities - Boiler Plant
    Steve Hargrove Campus Safety
    Bob Plymale Arts & Sciences
    Dianne St. John OneCard Office
  • 45 Years
    Name School/Department
    Debbie Balducci Tyler’s Grill