2022 Service Award Honorees

Our Outstanding Service Award winners for the calendar year of 2021 are...

June Wise Administrative Coordinator; Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Erinn Brown Banquet Captain; Catering
Drew Parker Groundskeeper; Facilities & Landscape
Paul Sandman Integrated Pest Management Specialist; Facilities & Landscape
Terry Dolson Associate Director of Community Engaged Learning; Center for Civic Engagement
Chris Jones Associate Director of Athletic Sports Medicine & Student Athlete Well Being

Congratulations to the following employees, who were recognized on March 4, 2022 for over 2,000 combined years of service!

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  • 5 Years
    Name School/Department
    Anesa Alickovic Heilman Dining Center
    Dianna Barron Education
    John Barry Communications Office
    Ashley Bentley Communications Office
    Miriam Blackmon Continuing Studies Credit
    Tykisha Booker Passport Cafe
    Kelli Bradford SPCS Administration
    Liza Carpenter Dean’s Office, Arts & Sciences
    Corry Comstock Heilman Dining Center
    Tishelle Cosby Heilman Dining Center
    Maria Diaz Catering
    Julie Du Pont Admissions Undergraduate
    Dan Durant Provost Office
    Nyreng Dut Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Denise Dwight Smith Alumni and Career Services
    Tony Field American Studies
    Mia Reinoso Genoni Westhampton College Dean
    Benjamin Gillie Univ. Facilities/Architectural
    Nicole Hansen Communications Office
    Anne Harrington Lacrosse-Women
    Kathy Harvel Student Health Center
    Jean Himelspach Controller’s Office
    Russ Huesman Football
    Kenney Jackson Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Rocc Johnson Heilman Dining Center
    Teddy Johnson Heilman Dining Center
    Chris Kelly Telecom & Media Support Services
    Austen Kelso Admissions Undergraduate
    Kernell Lewis Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Molly Lewis Residence Life & UG Student Housing
    Scott Lincoln Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    H.B. McBride Univ. Facilities/Landscape
    Mark McGonigal Men’s Basketball
    Keith McIntosh VP, Information Services
    Linda McKay Admissions Undergraduate
    Becky McKinney Annual Giving
    Brandon Metheny Law Admission General
    Neli Metodieva Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Harrison Moenich Art and Art History
    Regina Okod Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Drew Parker Univ. Facilities/Landscape
    Angela Richardson Univ. Facilities/Support Services
    Erica Riesbeck Admissions Undergraduate
    Rachel Ristow Admissions Undergraduate
    Stephen Roberts Tyler’s Grill
    Douglas Robinson Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    David Rodriguez Univ. Facilities/Electrical
    Adam Ross Football
    Queen Rucker Heilman Dining Center
    Donna Ruff Management
    Steven Rutledge Univ. Facilities/Landscape
    Michael Scampoli Catering
    Sam Schuth Boatwright Memorial Library
    Patrick Schweiger International Education
    Beth Simms Administrative Systems
    Allison Steele Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Mary Ruth Keys Office of the Dean, Law School
    Karen Welch Spider Management Company
  • 10 Years
    Name School/Department
    Nyadeng Arop Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Don Babb Data Centers
    Jane Bise Faculty Development Center
    Louise Bracewell-Haines Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Craig Buchbinder Campus Safety
    Alexandra Byrum Center for Civic Engagement
    Ray Causey Heilman Dining Center
    Lee Chaharyn Campus Services
    Jean Creamer Registrar Office
    Anthony Crenshaw Center for Civic Engagement
    Catherine Cribbs Communications Office
    Chad Devers Communications Office
    Shelby DeWalle Classical Studies
    Brenda Duttweiler Human Resources
    Gabriel Garzon Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Sam Gibbs User Services Specialists
    Priscilla Greene Admissions Undergraduate
    Rod Hence Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Kristin Jenkins Admissions Undergraduate
    Jess Johnson Campus Safety
    LeVonne Johnson Data Centers
    David Judah Administrative Systems
    Paul Just Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Suada Jusufovic Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Lindsey King Harris Office of the President
    Tracy Kitt Human Resources
    Patrick Kraehenbuehl Art Center
    Nicole Lovejoy Sports Medicine
    Dave McCoy Campus Safety
    Rhonda McIlwain Gift Planning Office
    Kai McPeak Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Brianne Meagher Registrar Office
    Jon Molz Cross Country & Track-Women
    Robin Mundle Rhetoric & Communication Studies
    Wendy Perdue Richmond School of Law
    Beacher Porter Strength & Conditioning
    Paul Sandman Univ. Facilities/Landscape
    Angela Scott Dining Services Administration
    Wendy Sheppard University Recreation
    John Shines Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Liz St. John Bookstore Operations
    Johneisha Taylor Senior Administrative Officer
    Cassandra Taylor-Anderson Boatwright Memorial Library
    Rich Thomas Cellar
    Laura Thompson Dean, Business School
    Maurice Thompson Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Diana Trinh International Education
    Tom Walsh SPCS Administration
    Marc Warchol Sports Medicine
    Deborah White Office of Instit. Effectiveness
    Diane Zotti Sociology & Anthropology
  • 15 Years
    Name School/Department
    Nina Ashley Gift Planning Office
    Priscilla Briggs Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Valerie Caminiti Administrative Systems
    Heather Campbell University Museums
    Tracy Cassalia University Counsel
    Tim Coates Bookstore Operations
    Debbie Coward Registrar Office
    Steffan Dickerson Heilman Dining Center
    Marion Dieterich Boatwright Memorial Library
    Megan Freeman Heilman Dining Center
    Joe Goss Campus Safety
    Matthew Houle University Museums
    Glyn Hughes Institutional Equity & Inclusion
    Carrie Ludovico Boatwright Memorial Library
    Leigh Ann Martin Boatwright Memorial Library
    Cynthia McMillan University Recreation
    Robb Moore Advancement Data Services
    Eric Palmer Web Services
    Ralph Perez Campus Safety
    Michael Smyth Cellar
    Carl Sorensen Human Resources
    Jennifer Stevens International Education
    Leslie Stevenson Career Services
    Marti Tomlin University Recreation
    Karen Turner Student Development
    Mary Wesseh Heilman Dining Center
  • 20 Years
    Name School/Department
    Michael Bowles Environmental Health and Safety
    Raymond Breakall Modlin Fine Arts Center Events
    Russ Collins Chemistry
    Dora Douglas Academic Computing Services
    David Falden Campus Safety
    *Belinda Hill Financial Aid Office
    Suzanne Kallighan Controller’s Office
    Clovis Khoury Data Centers
    David Kitchen SPCS Administration
    Althea McMillian Web Services
    Timothy Mihalcoe Campus Safety
    Andrew Morton Boatwright Memorial Library
    Marge Musial Campus Telecommunications
    Kymberly Osterbind Law Career Development
    Lennie Rimmer Administrative Systems
    Kathryn Sagan-Salandro Law Library
    Kevin Stoudt Spider Management Company
    Lori Taylor Cross Country & Track-Women
    Stephen Taylor Cross Country Men
  • 25 Years
    Name School/Department
    Lori Cates Accounting
    Kimberly Christian Heilman Dining Center
    Rose Christian Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Sharon Condrey Controller’s Office
    Michael Gilliam Univ. Facilities/Custodial
    Mitch Hanley Data Centers
    Ron Koser Univ. Facilities/Carpentry
    *Susan Taylor Dean, Jepson School
    Traci Wenzel Univ. Facilities/Architectural
  • 30 Years
    Name School/Department
    Michele Cox International Education
    Tanice Fenner Printing Services Expenses
    Chris Harrison Univ. Facilities/HVAC
    Michael Miller Univ. Facilities/HVAC
    Dywana Saunders Boatwright Memorial Library
    Karl Schmitz Campus Telecommunications
    Orlanda Stevens User Services Specialists
    Hope Walton Academic Skills
  • 35 Years
    Name School/Department
    Blake Widdowson Dining Services Administration
  • 40 Years
    Name School/Department
    Glenice Coombs Law School - Instruction
    Janette Morgan Law Library
    Bobby Walton Univ. Facilities/Plumbing