2023 Service Award Honorees

Congratulations to the following employees, who will be recognized on March 3rd, 2023 for their many years of service to the University!

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  • 5 Years
    Name School/Department
    Alice Abala University Facilities
    Rett Alexander Information Services
    Sarah Andress Controller’s Office
    Hennie Apanga University Facilities
    Rosetta Bailey Dining Services
    Pietra Balsamo Dining Services
    Houston Barrick Athletics
    Lauren Bennett Enrollment Management
    Jamie Betts Communications
    Stephen Birch University Facilities
    Scott Brincks Athletics
    Martha Callaghan Advancement
    Ashley Carlton Enrollment Management
    Chris Caton Dining Services
    Elena Chergarova University Facilities
    Terrell Clarke University Facilities
    Julian Cline University Facilities
    Leigh Deignan Law School
    Mason Dickerson University Facilities
    Christy Farmer Student Development
    Amanda Gearhart Enrollment Management
    Brittany Goldsborough University Facilities
    Thomas Gorski Controller’s Office
    Waleed Ilyas Student Development
    Rhonda Jackson School of Arts & Sciences
    Melanie Jenkins Office of Planning & Policy
    Theresa Keefe School of Professional & Continuing Studies
    Elena Kinker University Facilities
    Rachel Koch Student Development
    Marya Kravets Advancement
    Dana Kuchem Enrollment Management
    Jeff Legro University Provost
    Molly Lentz-Meyer Law School
    Taylor McNeilly Provost’s Office
    Sarah Mercer Student Development
    Dylan Moore Dining Services
    David Morones Dining Services
    Allison Moyer University Facilities
    Nate Mulberg Athletics
    Katy Olney Law School
    Kelli Parks Enrollment Management
    Emily Phaup School of Arts & Sciences
    Kristen Phelps Student Development
    Vincent Savage Dining Services
    Ellen Sayles Office of the Provost
    Dawn Siedlecki Law School
    Jasleen Singh Legal & Compliance
    Lyndsi Smith Controller’s Office
    Keo Souphomphakdy University Facilities
    Kadefa Spahic University Facilities
    Sarah Spencer Athletics
    Burt Teachey University Facilities
    Jen Thomas Office of the Provost
    Jose Torres Advancement
    Linda Trent Jepson School of Leadership
    Danielle Tucker Dining Services
    Andrea Vest Office of the Provost
    Jason Vida Athletics
    Justin Wood Athletics
    Anne Wroniewicz Law School
  • 10 Years
    Name School/Department
    Frank Allen Alumni & Career Services
    Joanna Bachman Modlin Center for the Arts
    Adam Bartlett University Facilities
    Ashley Blount Tyler’s Grill
    Taene Britt Controller’s Office
    Vince Burke University Facilities
    LaMont Cheatham Chemistry Department
    Dan Chemotti Men’s Lacrosse
    Kim Chiarchiaro Modlin Center for the Arts
    Clifton Cosby Campus Parking
    Sharon Cosby Heilman Dining Center
    Kristen Day CAPS
    Mark Detterick Business Affairs Office
    Matt Dewald Communications
    Kimberlee Duren Registrar’s Office
    Du’Neika Easley Internal Audit
    Kourtney Ennis Business School
    Darrel Goode Heilman Dining Center
    Herb Heider University Facilities
    Janet Hutchinson Law School
    David Johnson Campus Safety
    Lynda Kachurek Boatwright Memorial Library
    Michele Kennedy-Price Heilman Dining Center
    Cindy Kennon Spider Management
    Fess Khan User Services
    Sherry Knapp Spider Management
    Deborah Lupp Executive Education Administration
    Alison McCormick Campus Services
    Samida Mesic University Facilities
    Lindsey Monacell Admissions
    Anthony Moore University Facilities
    Cheryl Moss Controller’s Office
    Nick Myers Campus Safety
    Larry Richmond University Facilities
    Gloria Robinson Heilman Dining Center
    Brittany Schaal Office of the Provost
    Mike Seminara-Scioscia Network Services
    Sandra Smith University Facilities
    Rachel Snyder Heilman Dining Center
    Beth Anne Spacht Admissions
    Rich Thomas Concessions
    Patricia Vasquez University Facilities
    Petar Vjestica Passport Cafe
    Lynne Watson Health & Well Being
    Keith Williams University Facilities
    Joe Wolff Catering
  • 15 Years
    Name School/Department
    Nathaniel Ayers Digital Scholarship Lab
    Randall Baran Campus Safety
    Mary Beth Bennett Music
    Shannon Best Jepson School of Leadership
    Joe Boehman Richmond College
    Ann Lloyd Breeden Board of Trustees
    Jason Cope Onecard Office
    Anna Creech Boatwright Memorial Library
    Kimberly Dean-Anderson Center for Civic Engagement
    David Donaldson University Facilities
    Kathe Edmonds Admissions
    Sabiha Edrenic Bookstore Operations
    Carl Hamm Law School
    Zach Henderson Catering
    Courtney Hughes Academics
    Karen Kourkoulis Passport Cafe
    Lisa Miles Student Center for Equity & Inclusion
    Joyce Morgan Controller’s Office
    Tom Nicholas Admissions
    Sandra Peart Jepson School of Leadership
    Mary Catherine Raymond SPCS Administration
    Hanan Sadek Health & Well Being
    Lori Schuyler Office of Planning & Policy
    Robert Smith Heilman Dining Center
    Amy St. John Advancement Systems
    Rob Stuckey TMSS
    Emily Tarchokov English Department
    Norma Trimmer Catering
  • 20 Years
    Name School/Department
    David Barth Administrative Systems
    Eric Beatty Campus Safety
    Chantal Bengu University Facilities
    Steve Bisese Student Development
    Troy Boroughs Information Services
    Vickie Brady Academic Computing Services
    Brenda Coleman Tyler’s Grill
    Deardre Coleman University Facilities
    Nancy Crowgey Treasury Services
    Linda Fairtile Music Library
    Lynea Gibbons Controller’s Office
    Doug Goad University Recreation
    Melvin Gray Data Centers
    Tequita Hawkins Administrative Systems
    Christopher Jones Sports Medicine
    Jean Claude Kigeri Heilman Dining Center
    Peter LeViness CAPS
    Kristina Maricic University Facilities
    Derrick McChristian University Facilities
    Nina Naruszewicz Prospect Research
    Mark Nichols Academic Computing Services
    Kathryn Owens Financial Aid Office
    Martha Pittaway Enrollment Management
    Kay Robertson SPCS Administration
    Robyn Smith Heilman Dining Center
    Andrea Stadler Controller’s Office
    Sashko Stefanovski Data Centers
    LaRee Sugg Athletic Administration
    Samantha Tannich Communications
    Brian Terrell Heilman Dining Center
    Ray Wimbush Catering
  • 25 Years
    Name School/Department
    Laura Dietrick Human Resources
    Rick Glass Campus Services
    Kristine Henderson University Counsel
    Tammy Hicks Controller’s Office
    Soon Hong Campus Safety
    Bruce Lockhart University Facilities
    Paul Lozo University Facilities
    Rick Neal Onecard Office
    Larry Richmond University Facilities
    Jeffrey Riley Campus Safety
    Chris Weaver University Facilities
    Doug West Telecommunications
  • 30 Years
    Name School/Department
    Holly Blake W I L L 
    Bryan Gallagher Telecom & Media Support Services
    Cindy McGuire Westhampton College
    Dante Parker Mail Services
  • 35 Years
    Name School/Department
    Iria Jones Boatwright Memorial Library
    Robin Scott Tyler’s Grill
  • 40 Years
    Name School/Department
    Joyce Janto Law School
    Jermaine Massenburg University Facilities
    Francine Reynolds Onecard Office