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Holidays and Personal Leave

2018 Holidays

  • Monday, January 1: New Years Day
  • Monday, January 15: Martin Luther King Day
  • Monday, May 28: Memorial Day
  • Wednesday, July 4: Independence Day
  • Monday, September 3: Labor Day
  • Wednesday, November 21: Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day
  • Thursday, November 22: Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday, November 23: Friday after Thanksgiving Day
  • Monday, December 24-Monday, December 31: Winter Break

One Personal Day: This may be taken any time during the year. Staff must be employed by the first work day of the calendar year in order to be eligible for Personal Leave for that calendar year.


Part-time employees regularly scheduled to work over 1,000 per year are eligible for holiday pay based on a pro-rated basis.

Employees are eligible for holiday pay when a holiday falls on one of their regular scheduled work days.

To qualify for holiday pay, an employee must be in an approved pay status the day before and the day after the holiday. In addition, he or she must meet (or be officially excused from) his or her last assigned work shift prior to the holiday and meet (or be officially excused from) the next assigned work shift following the holiday.

No holiday pay is granted when a holiday occurs during leave without pay, during an unpaid leave of absence, while on layoff status, or on a suspension.

Non-Exempt/Hourly Paid Employees

Non-exempt/hourly employees required to work on an official University holiday have the choice to either:

  • Be paid for the time worked and the holiday or,
  • Take the day at another time within the same pay period the holiday falls. You are not able to take the day anytime within the calendar year.

It is the supervisor's responsibility to determine if the employee needs to work a holiday, not the employee.

Employee takes holiday off (this will be the case for the majority of employees):

If an employee does not work on the holiday, he or she will report Holiday time in BannerWeb or through TimePro for the hours they are normally scheduled to work. These hours will continue to be counted towards overtime for the week.

Employee is required to work a holiday:

  • If the employee chooses to be paid double time for hours worked on a holiday, hours physically worked will be reported as "Regular" time. Holiday time will be reported using a new leave category, "Holiday Worked". Employees will be compensated for both the time physically worked as well as the holiday hours. The employee will receive double time for the hours they work on a holiday.
  • If the employee chooses to take another day off in the pay period the holiday falls, the employee must indicate "Regular" time on the holiday and "Holiday" time on the day they take off.

There are a few holidays when students are in school (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day). Please check with your supervisor to determine if you are required to be at work on one of these holidays.

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