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Shout Outs are an opportunity to recognize a colleague or group of colleagues for hard work on a project or day-to-day exceptional contributions to the University and/or department.

Shout Out Examples:

The Bakeshop Team (Heading)

Shout Out to Wendy Boberek, Alison McCormick, Jasper Diaz, Joshua Carroll, and Michele Kennedy who work tirelessly to produce quality desserts for the Heilman Dining Center, Catering, Back-door boxed lunches, catering pick-ups and deliveries, the main catering department, and Richmond on Broad Cafe at UR Downtown. Every day, they fill the dessert cases with incredible homemade cookies, pies, cakes, and specialty items that are made to impress both current and potential students alike.

Custodial Team (Heading)

Shout Out to the Custodial staff for their hard work around the clock to deep clean the apartments and residence halls to turn them around for summer school and conferences. They start by removing any items or trash left behind by students, then any salvageable items are provided to the Yard Sale or donated to Goodwill. Seven extra 40 yard containers were brought in for the extra trash and recycling. Once rooms are clear of debris, they then deep clean each room from top to bottom. The entire team will be very busy and working hard this summer supporting different conferences, summer students, and preparing all buildings for the upcoming fall semester.


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