Benefits Philosophy & Committee

The University's benefits program for staff and faculty is informed by feedback from the community, reflects the finite resources available for benefits, and addresses the competitive environment in which the University operates. Just as importantly, they support the overall well-being of our employees through the promotion of psychological, physical, financial, social, and intellectual health and work/life balance.

The benefits program is, therefore, guided by the following principles:

  • Recognizes that benefits are an important component of total compensation, essential for recruitment, retention and engagement of a talented and diverse staff and faculty. They must be competitive and support equity and inclusivity for all community members
  • Delivers core benefits that are structured to protect employees from catastrophic income loss, provide affordable health insurance and support for retirement
  • Provides individual choice and flexibility in managing health and welfare benefits, and recognizes the diverse needs of the employee population
  • Is managed in a fiscally responsible manner that is sustainable, complies with state and federal regulations, and is administered efficiently and effectively
  • Is communicated effectively to provide employees with a full understanding of the value of the benefits program and their responsibility for making the optimal benefit decisions for themselves and their families
  • Is dynamic and changes as necessary to meet the needs of the workforce and the university
  • Electing, changing and learning about benefits is user friendly and easily accessible

Benefits Committee 2023-2024

Human Resources works closely with the Benefits Committee each year to develop the employee benefits package, in accordance with the University Benefits Philosophy. We would like to thank all members for their time and valuable advice.

  • Sam Cabo, Law Faculty
  • David North, Business Faculty
  • Angela Leeper, A&S Faculty
  • Tracy Nicholson, School of Professional & Continuing Studies Faculty
  • Jennifer O'Donnell, Biology Lab
  • Terry Price, Jepson Faculty
  • Susie Reid, Retiree
  • Vincent Savage, Residential Dining
  • John Studer, Athletics
  • Andrea Waddle, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Jess Oliver, University Staff Advisory Council Representative