Resignation and Separation

Resignation & Separation Policy



All faculty and staff


Non-exempt employees are expected to provide at least two weeks’ notice of their intent to leave the University. Notice should be submitted to the supervisor with a copy to Human Resources and should include the final workday.

Exempt staff employees are generally expected to provide thirty days written notice of their decision to terminate their employment.  Notice should be submitted to the supervisor with a copy to Human Resources and should include the final workday.

An employee’s actual termination day must be the last day worked, and cannot be extended by the use of vacation leave.

Faculty should provide notice according to the process and timeline outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

Unless otherwise noted in other sections of this policy, employees who terminate University employment will be paid for accrued but unused vacation days in accordance with the University’s vacation leave policy. 

Prior to leaving employment, departing employees are required to return all University property, including but not limited to, the following:  uniforms, keys, identification cards, computers, phones, records, documents, materials, lists, drawings, books, programs/pamphlets, and all other property of the University made or received by the employee.

Faculty members are entitled to retain ownership of the records of their teaching, research and other intellectual property, except as protected by FERPA, or research and reports specifically owned by the University.

Employees participating in any loan programs available from the University will be subject to fulfilling the repayment requirements specified in the loan agreement.

Any monies owed the University will be deducted from the employee's final paycheck per University policy.

Exit Interview – All departing employees are encouraged to respond to an exit survey and participate in an exit interview with a representative from Human Resources or the Office of the Provost. Benefit matters, appraisal of employment at the University, and other relevant matters will be discussed during this interview.

Job Abandonment - Employees who fail to report to work for three consecutive days without properly communicating to their supervisor the reasons for their absence will be viewed as voluntarily resigning their employment as of the third day.

Death of an Employee - A termination due to the death of an employee will be made effective as of the date of death. Upon receiving notification of the death of an employee, the employee's manager, department chair, or dean should immediately notify Human Resources.

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