Transfers and Internal Posting

The University of Richmond is committed to fair hiring practices. It is also committed to providing opportunities for internal talent to grow by exploring positions for which they are qualified. With this philosophy in mind, most positions will be posted to the internal community for at least five consecutive days. In certain instances when leaders, in collaboration with their HR Business Partner and Talent Acquisition Specialist, may determine that a posting can be waived. 

Procedure to Apply for a Posted Position

The employee must have successfully completed their probationary period to apply for a transfer or apply for an open internal role. In addition, employees who are currently on a Performance Improvement Plan may not apply for a new role until the plan has been successfully completed. Special circumstances may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If the employee has been in their current position for less than one year, then they must obtain supervisory approval to apply for an internal position.

To receive appropriate consideration for any open position, please use the UR Talent Web portal to view job openings and to apply for a position you are interested in. Go to UR Talent Web and click "Apply for a Job" to search for current job openings at the University. Your application is confidential and only the HR Talent Acquisition staff and hiring supervisors will be able to view it.

Selection for Interview

An interview for internal applicants is not guaranteed. Selection for interviews will be based on an applicant's qualifications and/or experience required for the position.


An employee may apply for an open position without notifying the supervisor if they have occupied the current position for one year. However, it is strongly recommended that the employee inform the supervisor of their interest before or as soon as they apply for the position, and to notify the supervisor if scheduled for an in person interview. 


If selected for an interview, the hiring manager in HR may obtain a reference from the employee’s current supervisor. We will make the candidate aware of the reference if needed. The hiring manager may request a summary of employee performance from their HR Business Partner. If the employee is selected as a top candidate, the hiring supervisor may choose to seek out additional reference information.

Transition Planning

The University of Richmond encourages career growth and movement within and across departments.  In order to support both the career growth of employees and ensure that departments can effectively continue to meet their goals, collaborative and cooperative transition planning is a must. Once the employee has accepted an offer for a position in a new department, the current and receiving supervisors will be asked to discuss an appropriate transition plan. Ideally, the employee should be fully transitioned into the new role within 2-4 weeks of accepting the offer. 


Please refer to the compensation decisions guidelines for more information on pay related to lateral moves, promotions, and demotions.

Probationary Period

All newly hired, transferred, and promoted employees are required to complete a probationary period of six months.