Approve Leave of Absence


Role of Supervisor

  • Review Leave of Absence Policy
  • Review departmental leave of absence policies (if applicable)
  • If employee inquires about a leave of absence (LOA) direct them to the leave of absence policy then discuss request with employee
  • Determine if request is possible and discuss with AVP HR
  • After a determination has been made discuss with employee (approved or denied)
  • If approved, review with employee expectations for LOA – paid or unpaid, duration, etc.
  • Ensure employee understands how to enter time
  • Review web time entry & monthly leave Payroll policy – particularly the section on approving time/leave
  • Ensure you are approving all monthly leave reports in a timely manner – this is extremely important and could have a detrimental effect on the employee if not approved timely. Unapproved leave reports could inflate the amount of leave an employee actually has, causing them to go into a deficit once old leave reports are finally approved.
    • Set up a reminder on outlook each month
    • Ask employee to email you once they have submitted their leave report

Role of Human Resources

  • Discuss feasibility of the leave request with supervisor
  • Send notification approving/denying request (should this go to supervisor to give to employee?)
  • Of approved, answer questions about leave and benefits while on LOA
  • Place employee on LOA in Banner

Process Steps

  1. Ensure employees understand how to request LOA
  2. Discuss request with employee
  3. Make a recommendation in writing to the associate vice president for Human Resources. The circumstances can then be discussed and a decision made by the supervisor and the associate vice president.
  4. Discuss approval or denial with the employee
  5. If approved, review with employee expectations for LOA – paid or unpaid, duration, etc.
  6. Ensure employee understands how to enter time
  7. Approve leave report/time sheet in appropriate time frame


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  • Can I request a LOA to go back to school?

    You may request a LOA for any reason but each request will be considered based on the reason for the leave, duration requested, as well as the workload of the department.