Document Disciplinary Action


Role of Supervisor

  • Understand the University’s Performance Management process
  • Communicate division, department, and team priorities
  • Establish and communicate clear annual performance expectations with each employee
  • Ensure that every employee has performance goals each year and approve them within UR Talent Web
  • Share UR Talent Web Goals Tips Sheet with employees
  • Review Goals Tip Sheet for Supervisors
  • Know how to use UR Talent Web and check employee goals periodically to update and ensure accuracy

Role of Human Resources

  • Communicate the annual performance timeline
  • Manage the system to document performance goals
  • Provide training and resources on goal setting, performance management, and UR Talent Web

Process Steps

  1. Share annual departmental strategic plans, priorities, and goals with every employee.
  2. In partnership with the employee, determine what the employee is accountable to achieve in the year ahead.
  3. Ensure that employee goals are aligned to department and division priorities for the year.
  4. Show employees how to write measurable/behavioral goals and enter information into Talent Web (use online tip sheets), including how to submit goals to Supervisors.
  5. Once the goals are agreed upon, ask each employee to document goals in UR Talent Web no later than September 30th each year (some departments may choose to enter goals as early as May).
  6. Approve the goals in UR Talent Web.
  7. Ask employee to document performance against the goals throughout the year by entering comments into UR Talent Web regularly. Supervisor should also add comments throughout the year to track progress against goals and communicate how the employee is performing.
  8. Note: Goals can be entered anytime of the year by the employee and the Supervisor. Supervisors can also assign goals to individual employees or to the whole team.