Retirement Plan Administrative & Investment Committee

The primary responsibility of the University of Richmond Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Administrative and Investment Committee is to exercise oversight of the administration and investment options for the assets of the University of Richmond Defined Contribution Retirement Plan. In exercising these oversight functions, the Committee shall have the overall responsibility for maintaining and administering the Plan, as well as selecting and monitoring the investment options available under the Plan, on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the University of Richmond.

The committee is generally responsible for:

  1. Maintaining and writing the Plan Document.
  2. Administering and interpreting the Plan in accordance with its terms and applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Recommending, monitoring, and overseeing the Plan's service providers, including the Plan's third party administrator.

Members of the Retirement Investment Committee include:

  • David Hale, Executive VP and Chief Operations Officer
  • Geraldine Sullivan, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Laura Dietrick, Director, Benefits & Employee Well-being
  • Laurie Melville, Senior AVP, Finance & Controller
  • Jeff Hires, Director Investments, Spider Management Company
  • Cassandra Marshall, Associate Professor of Finance