Candidate Travel

The University of Richmond partners with Covington Travel to book travel arrangements for candidates scheduled for on campus interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When does the University pay for candidate travel expenses? The University generally covers the travel expenses for candidates who are finalists for exempt full-time positions in pay grade 5 or above and are traveling to campus from more than 50 miles away for an interview. Talent Acquisition Specialists will connect eligible candidates directly to Covington to make travel arrangements.
  • What kinds of travel expenses does the University pay for? All travel arrangements must be booked through Covington and are billed directly to the University of Richmond. The University pays for:
    • Air or train fare
    • Lodging
    • Car service to and from campus
  • Are candidates reimbursed for travel expenses? In most cases, candidates are not reimbursed for travel expenses. Covington will make all travel arrangements and bill the University directly. Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements and choose to travel by car (personal or rental) instead of air or train fare can be reimbursed. The cost of the rental car or mileage must be less expensive than air or train travel. In this case, the candidate will need to bring rental car and/or gas receipts to Human Resources on the day of the scheduled interview so that reimbursement can be processed.
  • Does the University cover the cost of meals? The University does not reimburse candidates for the cost of meals. Departments may include lunch and dinner as part of the interview process and will follow the Business Meals Travel and Expense guidelines for departmental reimbursement.