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Kudos from One Spider to Another

Kudos to the Spiders who stepped up for concessions at the Spring Game

Kudos to Michael Smyth (Cellar), Cathy Smyth (Tyler's Grill), Devon Slough (Controller), Lyndsi Smith (Payroll), Liz Imsick (Concessions), and Mason Manley (Student Lead) for their help in Concessions with working the Spring Football game. When a last minute staffing issue occurred these Spiders rose up at the opportunity to help out and make another Spring Game successful! They know the meaning of teamwork and have excelled at their duties at the Spring Game. - Submitted by Rich Thomas in Concessions

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Kudos to Mary Fichtel and the Catering Team

Kudos to Mary Fichtel in Catering for working with Physics, Biology, and Chemistry to plan and implement a successful 2023 Sciences Graduation Reception. Mary worked with us to create an appealing menu and a workable floor plan. Mary was on hand on the event day before, during, and after to ensure the event went smoothly. She thought of every detail. The students, families, faculty, and staff enjoyed celebrating accomplishments in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Thank you to Mary and the Catering team! - Submitted by Stacy Hull in the Physics Department

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Kudos to everyone involved in the Big Yard Sale in May

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the Big Yard Sale in May! We almost tripled attendance from 2022 and the fundraiser was very successful. We were most excited about the amount of support from the UR community! We doubled, and then some, the UR Presale attendance from 2022. We didn't know what to expect, but we were heartened to see an amazing line up before the gates even opened on Friday night (from the entrance gate, down the length of the concourse, and then out to the road).Thank you to our longtime partners, Sierra Club Falls of the James Group, for throwing another great event. A HUGE thank you to Mauricio Lopez, Slavi Milev, Damyan Damyanov, James Campbell, Joseph Farag, Sayed Hussaini, Julio Valencia, Jonathan LaPrade, Rob Thomas, and Tina Lowman for physically moving all of the clothing, mini fridges, furniture, and more from around campus to the sale. To anyone whose name was left out, we are grateful to you too. There wouldn't have been a sale without these efforts! We look forward to bringing you another excellent event in 2024! - Submitted by David Donaldson in University Facilities/Custodial and Environmental Services/Rethink Waste

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