Approve a Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA)

Applicable Law

Flexible work arrangements (FWAs) are subject to applicable employment laws, including Fair Labor Standards Act, Virginia State Employment law, and the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Act


Role of Supervisor

  • Review the FWA Policy. Note: The policy applies only to requests for flexible arrangements of more than 3 months.
  • Understand the types of flexible work arrangements (Flextime and Flexplace; see policy)
  • Review and discuss all requests for FWAs with employees
  • When appropriate, approve FWA requests and obtain VP approval

Role of Human Resources

  • Monitor the FWA policy
  • Provide training, information, and consultation on FWA
  • Maintain all finalized FWA request forms in employee files

Process Steps

  1. Review the FWA policy and understand your department's approach and process
  2. When an employee requests a flexible work arrangement, ensure that he/she completes the FWA request form
  3. Review and discuss the request with the employee
  4. Discuss the request with your supervisor and department head. See "Determining Suitability" on the Flexible Work Arrangements Resources page. If approved, sign the request form and send to VP for approval.
  5. VP reviews and approves/denies the request
  6. Share the outcome with the employee and provide a copy of the finalized form
  7. Send the approved completed form to
  8. All Flexible Work Arrangements must be reviewed annually