After Recruitment

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  • Onboard A New Employee

    Role of Supervisor

    • Follow the guidance on the New Employee Checklist for Supervisors
    • Welcome new employee
    • Know the employee start date and prepare for his/her arrival
    • Use the New Employee Checklist
    • Provide training and review job expectations
    • Check in regularly (every 2-3 weeks) during the first 6 months of employment

    Role of Human Resources

    • Create an employee ID and get employee set up in Banner
    • Provide and collect all required employment paperwork
    • Enroll in New Employee Orientation
    • Deliver New Employee Orientation and provide Benefits information

    Process Steps

    1. Find out new employee start date from Talent Acquisition Specialist in HR.
    2. Send a message of welcome to the new employee and inform your team of the employees’ start date.
    3. Make sure that adequate space, equipment (including technology), supplies, etc. are available and ready on the employee’s start date.
    4. Get access to all systems the employee will need (email, phone, databases, etc.).
    5. Plan the schedule for the first week.
    6. Be available to greet your employee after he/she completes HR Orientation.
    7. Review employee’s job duties/description, your expectations, work schedule, and pay schedule.
    8. Enroll in any department training programs.
    9. Provide the employee with a list of key contacts to meet with.
    10. Direct the employee to the Staff Policies and/or Faculty Handbook.
    11. Review how to track and approve time (for Staff).
    12. Make sure the employee takes FERPA and Title IX training within the first 60 days of employment (and any other department specific required training).
    13. Document performance goals in UR Talent Web (for Staff).
    14. After 90 days, have a check-in conversation to gauge their learning, progress, answer questions, and provide resources.
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