Imports: Tuition Exchange, Inc.

Please note that due to the intense competition and small number of tuition exchange slots, the University of Richmond limits the award of new tuition exchange primarily to incoming first-year students and to a very limited number of currently enrolled upperclassmen and transfers; however, the decision to award TE, Inc. scholarships to students in these two categories won't be made until Spring when we learn how many new TE, Inc. exports UR will have. Please be aware that a candidate for Tuition Exchange, Inc. does not enjoy any advantage in the admissions process.

Application Process

Students will apply through their sponsor institution. The host or importing institution will determine whether they will receive tuition exchange based on availability of scholarships and their import/export balance. The deadline for applying for a TE, Inc. scholarship coincides with the early decision deadline if you are applying early decision; the early action deadline if you are applying early action; and the regular decision deadline if you are applying regular decision. Please note that TE, Inc. scholarships are awarded for a total of eight consecutive semesters (fall and spring only) or an undergraduate degree, whichever is less. No fees or summer sessions are covered by the TE, Inc. scholarship. The only study abroad programs that are covered by the TE, Inc. benefit are the programs to which tuition is payable directly to the University of Richmond. The student must carry a minimum load of 3.5 units.

To be eligible for consideration, the student or parent:

  • must meet their sponsor institution's criteria for eligibility
  • file the formal application for scholarship through their sponsor institution
  • apply for admission through the University of Richmond's Office of Admission

An applicant is also encouraged to apply for financial aid.

What Happens After Receiving a TE, Inc. Award

Virginia residents who receive a TE, Inc. award at a private Virginia institution are responsible for applying for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) through the University's Financial Aid Office. Failure to apply for the VTAG will result in the student being charged tuition for the amount of the VTAG award for that semester; tuition exchange will not cover this amount. For deadline information, please contact Financial Aid.

Participants must make satisfactory academic progress and remain in good standing; he/she must apply for recertification through the TE, Inc. officer at their sponsor institution in the spring of each academic year. The program policies, guidelines and participation fee are reviewed each year and may change from time to time.

If a student plans to withdraw from TE, Inc. at any time, they must notify UR's benefits and compensation specialist immediately.

If you have further questions about Tuition Exchange at the University of Richmond, please contact URHR at or 804-289-URHR (8747).