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Ready to Retire?

If you are a current University employee planning to retire, click here to learn more about the process.

Retiree Benefits

University Benefits

Typical University benefits for retirees may include:

  • A new Google email account for life using your existing email address, including unlimited file storage in Google Drive. For details, click here.
  • Access to University libraries, online resources, and facilities*
  • If interested in purchasing your University computer upon retirement, click here.
  • Parking sticker*
  • Tuition remission benefits for full-time staff and faculty* (see Tuition Remission for Retirees)
  • Retirees and their spouses may join the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute through a special membership rate for UR faculty and staff and retirees. Your first year as a retiree is FREE, followed by $25 each per year*
  • University employee discounts*
  • Invitations to University events*

*Spouse will continue to receive benefits upon retirees death, as long as they remain unmarried.

Just because an employee meets the definition of retiree, they are not necessarily eligible to continue health insurance benefits. Some retirees may have additional benefits because they participate in programs, such as early retirement, or were hired prior to certain dates that determine eligibility.

The University retains sole discretion in determining the benefits made available under this section. Use of any of these benefits by the retiree is subject to the rules and regulations which govern the administration of the benefit.

Medical Benefits

For detailed information regarding retiree medical benefits, see Retired Insurance Coverage.