Hiring Process & Policies

The University of Richmond follows fair hiring practices for all applicants. Interested candidates apply for positions online. Once applications are reviewed, those whose qualifications and experiences best suit the position will participate in an interview process. Interviews help us learn more about candidates while also providing the opportunity for candidates to meet our employees, better understand the university, and see our work environment first hand.


The type, number of interviews and interviewers, length, and complexity of questions will vary depending on the specific position for which candidates are being considered. The potential supervisor, HR professionals, and/or colleagues are among those who will be conducting the interviews. Our interviews give candidates the opportunity to share detailed information about work experience and performance in previous work-related situations. In addition, candidates are asked about interests and are given an opportunity to inquire about the University of Richmond. In line with our collaborative culture, it's customary to meet with several potential peers and members of the University community. Interviews can last anywhere from one hour to two full days on campus depending on the position.

If you are traveling to campus for an interview from more than 50 miles away, please review information on Candidate Travel.


For some jobs, candidates may be asked to deliver a presentation or hold a Q&A session. Information about the presentations will be shared with the candidates in advance so that there is plenty of time to prepare.

Hiring Decisions

All hiring decisions are made by search committees and the timeframe for decision making varies dependent upon the role. As soon as a candidate is selected for a position, he/she will be notified by one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists to discuss the offer of employment. Background checks will be completed for all final selection candidates for all positions. An employment offer is contingent upon the successful completion and results of the background check.

The university will notify those candidates who were interviewed but not selected.

Privacy Policy

You may review the University's Privacy Policy here.