Safety Policy

The policy of the University of Richmond is to provide a safe and healthy environment for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. It is the intent of the University to comply with all federal and state regulations.

Safety Is Everybody's Responsibility

While the overall responsibility for campus safety belongs to the University, each individual has a personal responsibility for the prevention of campus accidents. All faculty and staff are expected to ensure that safe and healthful conditions and procedures are provided and followed in their areas of control.

All faculty and staff are responsible for working safely and for reporting all unsafe conditions to their immediate supervisors. Supervisors and department heads are responsible for training employees in proper procedures, work practices, and safe methods in the workplace, particularly those requirements that are department specific. Supervisors must enforce University policy and take immediate corrective action to eliminate hazardous conditions and practices.

Environmental Health and Safety has the authority to ensure overall compliance with the intent of this policy. Environmental Health and Safety also functions in an advisory and consultative capacity, providing a variety of occupational health and safety services. Their assistance should be sought by any department, employee, faculty member or student needing guidance in any safety area.

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