Service Awards

We hope you will join us as we recognize the hard work of those staff who have achieved 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 consecutive years of service in 2024. The date of our 2025 Ceremony will be announced soon.

View the list of employees who will be honored in 2024 here.

We will also recognize staff from across the university who have made a unique difference to the University of Richmond community this year with an Outstanding Service Award. Our goal is to recognize employees representing the varied areas of our campus community such as Dining, Custodial, Academic Support, and more. Nominees for the Outstanding Service Awards may demonstrate one or more of the criteria below, which are informed and guided by the University’s Strategic Plan


  • The nominee contributes to the university community by fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging.
  • The nominee strives for excellence and continuous improvement.
  • The nominee excels as a team player.
  • The nominee helps others find joy and fulfillment in their work.
  • The nominee is a careful steward of university resources.


  • Nominees must have had one year of continuous, regular employment at the University in either a part-time or full-time capacity.
  • Nominees may not be a past Outstanding Service Award winner.
  • Nominees may not be members of the President's Cabinet.
  • Nominees may not be a recipient of the Business Affairs award in the year prior.

Award winners receive $1,000 for their contributions. Nominations are now closed.