Approving Leave Reports

Staff employees paid on a monthly basis report time away from work through BannerWeb. Supervisors or their designated proxies will:

  • Ensure that their employees submit leave reports by the 5th of each month.
  • Approve all leave reports in BannerWeb by the 7th of each month.
    • Missing deadlines results in outdated leave balances.
    • The approver will receive recurring reminder e-mails until the approval is made.
  • Ensure that an employee does not abuse the flexibility built into the reporting method for exempt employees.

To approve leave reports:

1. Log in to BannerWeb using your UR Network ID & 16 character password

2. Select Employee Self-Service. This will take you to your Employee Dashboard.

3. Under My Activities, select Approve Leave Report from the employee menu. If you are an approver of biweekly web time sheets for staff or student employees, those options will display here under Approve Time.

4. Select the appropriate leave reporting period or bi-weekly period and click on the Select button.

5. A listing of your employees and their status will display. More information about Leave Report Status Codes.

  • If you are an approver in a department with multiple approvers, you may see a status of "Not Started" for employees for the entire department. Once an employee’s Leave Report changes to “In Progress” or “Pending,” only the appropriate approver will be able to view it.

6. Click on the employee name to view the employee's Leave Report. 

  • Exception: Monthly employees who work a part-time schedule will report their exception time in hours. To indicate a half-day off, 50% of the normal total hours worked in a day is reported. For a full day off, 100% of the normal total hours worked in a day is reported.
  • Reminder: Review leave reports carefully. Errors not caught by the approver and subsequently approved will be posted immediately and leave balances will be adjusted incorrectly.

7. Click Approve. On the following screen, click on Next to proceed to the next employee awaiting approval.

To view your team's leave balances:

To view leave balances for your employees, select Employee Self-Service and then My Team. The names of your employees will appear and you may select each name to view leave balances and other personal information.
Note: All leave reports must be approved in order for leave balances to be current.

Correcting a Leave Report:

If the employee has submitted the leave report but the report has not been approved, the approver may:

  • Return for Correction: Returns the leave report to the employee to make the correction and certifies the accuracy of the leave report. You can add a Comment to explain why you are returning the leave report.
  • Change Leave Record: Allows the approver to make a correction if the employee is unable to do so.

Once a leave report has been approved, it cannot be changed on BannerWeb. AskHR to request a correction.