Monthly Leave Reporting

Staff employees paid on a monthly basis report time away from work through BannerWeb.

Full-Time Monthly Employees

Employees will:

  • Submit a leave report once a month, even if no leave is taken during that period.
  • Submit the leave report by the 5th of each month for the previous month.
  • Report exception time only (vacation, sick, bonus vacation, floating holiday, jury duty and funeral leave).
  • Report leave time in no less than half-day increments (.5). Employees should not report absences of less than half a day.
  • Report a whole day off as 1 on their leave report.

Part-Time Monthly Employees

Employees will:

  • Report their exception time in hours.
  • To indicate a half-day off, report 50% of the normal total hours worked in a day. [Example: Employee works a regular schedule of 7.0 hours per day and takes a half day. Hours reported are 3.5 (50% of 7.0)].
  • For a full day off, report 100% of the normal total hours worked in a day.

To access and edit your monthly leave report:

  1. Log in to BannerWeb using your UR Network ID and 16-character password.
  2. Select Employee Self-Service. This will take you to your Employee Dashboard.
  3. Under My Activities, select Enter Leave Report.
  4. Select the appropriate leave reporting period.
  5. Click on Enter Days for the appropriate day and leave type.
  6. Select Save. Repeat as necessary.
  7. Select Preview to review.
  8. Select Submit. NOTE: Your leave balances are immediately updated when your leave report is approved by your supervisor.

To view your leave balance:

  1. To view current leave balances, select Employee Self-Service. Your leave balances will be displayed at the top of the Employee Dashboard.
    Note: All leave reports must be approved in order for leave balances to be current.
  2. Select Full Leave Balance Information and then the type of leave to filter to the number of days you recorded as leave by pay period.
  3. To view the exact dates you took leave, from the Employee Dashboard, select Leave Report. Select the appropriate leave reporting period you wish to view detail for from the Leave Report Period and Status drop-down box. 

Please note:

  • Although you may begin recording your leave at the beginning of the pay period, do not submit your leave report until after the pay period has ended.
  • You will have five (5) days after the last day of the pay period to submit your leave report.
  • If you need to correct a leave report, click here.

Leave Report Status Codes:

  • Not Started: The employee has not opened their Leave Report for the pay period. The approver will not be able to view an employee's Leave Report until the employee accesses it themselves.
  • In Progress: The employee has opened their Leave Report and may have begun to report leave, but has not yet submitted the report for approval.
  • Pending: The employee has submitted their Leave Report and it is waiting for approval.
  • Completed: Leave processing has been run and leave reported has been deducted from the employee’s leave balances. No further action can be taken on this Leave Report.