Monthly Leave Reporting

Leave reporting is the method by which exempt employees report sick, vacation, and other time away from work online through BannerWeb. 

  • Do not submit your leave until after the pay period has ended. You have five days past the end of the pay period in which to submit your leave.
  • It is imperative that you submit your leave reports in a timely fashion. You must submit a leave report whether or not you have taken any leave.

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Understanding Your Leave Report


Funeral or Jury Duty Leave

If you take Funeral or Jury Duty leave, you will see a negative balance for these leave types on the Time Off Current Balances and History display. This is normal as there is not a "bucket" of available balances to draw from for these leave types.

Vacation and Sick Leave Accrual

• Monthly/Exempt employees will accrue vacation and sick based on the number of hours paid in the pay period.
• When the payroll is processed (usually around the 25-27th of the month), leave balances will be updated with the hours accrued for that month.

Vacation Accrual

  • Vacation leave is based on your anniversary date.
    [Example: Employee is hired on June 1, 2008. The anniversary date is June 1.]
  • The maximum vacation accumulated by an employee may not exceed twice the yearly allowance. Once an employee has accumulated twice their yearly allowance, they will not accrue any additional vacation until vacation time is used and vacation balance is below two times the yearly allowance.
    [Example: Employee has 10 years of service. The maximum accrual is twice the yearly accrual of 18 days for a total of 36 days.]
  • To ensure that you continue accruing vacation if you are nearing your maximum accrual, submit your leave and have it approved by the 20th of your anniversary month.
  • Please plan ahead to ensure that you continue accruing vacation and that all leave reports through your anniversary month are submitted and approved.

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