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Finding the right ongoing care for your family can be hard, especially when you’re balancing the demands of work. That’s why the University provides access for all full-time employees to, the world’s largest online community for finding care. can help find short and long-term care for children, seniors, pets, and more. 

You get unlimited access to the world’s largest network of caregivers. There, you can explore detailed caregiver profiles in your area, post a job for caregivers to apply to, access the Safety Center and background check options, send real-time payments to caregivers, and even learn about household payroll and tax assistance.

Use your membership for:

  • Nannies and babysitters
  • Senior caregivers
  • Housekeepers
  • Personal assistants
  • Transportation assistance
  • Pet sitters and groomers
  • Summer or vacation camps
  • Special needs caregivers
  • Errand runners
  • Tutors

You can:

  • Post a job: Create a job post with a description of the care you’re hiring for.
  • Search and filter: Search and filter through caregivers in your zip code radius that meet your requirements.
  • Use the Safety Center: Your family’s well-being is important to That’s why they offer tools and resources to help you evaluate risk and stay savvy about safety. Access the safety center at for tips and tools to hire safely. At you can find:
    • Safety guides to help you make safer decisions throughout
      your caregiver search
    • Background Check Guide
    • Option to request and run a background check on a caregiver
    • Safety resources to stay informed and help keep you and your family safe

How it Works:

  1. Log in to your account in the app or your company’s Care@Work website.
  2. Search for caregiver profiles that match your needs in your area, or post a job for candidates to apply to.
  3. You can schedule interviews from any device and request background checks. Once you’re ready to hire, you can schedule and pay for your caregiver on
  4. You can pay caregivers directly, through the site, or through the app.

To create your account and get started with Care@Work by, visit URICHMOND.CARE.COM. 

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Further Caregiving Resources

Employees also have access to these resources:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): The EAP is available to all employees with help finding resources and referrals for childcare providers, before and after school programs, camps, adoption organizations, child development, prenatal care, and more. They can also help with resources and referrals for elder care and pet care.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Flexible work options offer alternative approaches to getting work done through non-traditional work hours or locations. If the position's duties allow, employees may work with their supervisor to arrange a flexible work arrangement.

Still need help? There are many child care centers in the greater Richmond area. The links below can help you search for the suitable choice for your family: