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The University of Richmond has a robust transportation network designed to increase connectivity between campus and the city of Richmond, while also supporting the University's commitment to sustainability and helping faculty and staff save money. The comprehensive transit system provides transportation to many sites from Short Pump Town Center to the downtown city center as well as special events. Major transportation services provided by the University include:

  • Daily shuttles to Village Shopping Center, Target on Libbie Ave., the Shoppes at Willow Lawn, Carytown and the UR Downtown campus (Daily Connector and UR Downtown);
  • University sponsored GRTC bus pass to travel to and from work;
  • Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program through RideFinders;
  • Nightly Campus Loop Shuttle running throughout campus;
  • On-site car rental with Zipcar;
  • Destination shuttles to local events like the Richmond Folk Festival;
  • Break shuttles to Richmond International Airport and Staples Mill Amtrak Station before and after major campus breaks;
  • Bike registration (with the option to receive a free rear and front bike light).

Please visit the University's transportation website for more information on these services, routes, and schedules.

For those who do choose to drive to work, the University provides free parking for registered vehicles, reserved parking for hybrid vehicles, and electric charging stations.

Questions About Benefits?

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