I'm a Manager...

Can I permit my employee to attend on the clock?

Yes, all non-exempt employees are permitted to attend and will be paid as long as they are on campus either working or attending the watch party. 

Can my employees come to campus to watch the game outside of their scheduled shift?

Yes! We want to encourage all employees to attend, however, non-exempt employees who are not scheduled for a shift during the game will not be paid to attend.

Are my employees expected to come to work even if they do not want to watch the game?

Yes, all employees are expected to arrive to work at their scheduled time and must check-in with their supervisor before attending the watch party. Employees may not leave work early or come to work late "on the clock" for personal time other than attending the Watch Party.


I'm a Non-Exempt Employee...

If I’m scheduled to work and would like to attend the watch party, do I have to clock out or take vacation/personal time?

No, you do not have to clock out and you will still be paid as long as the game is during your regular shift. Go Spiders!

Can I come to campus to watch the game if I am not scheduled to work?

Yes, you are welcome to attend, but you will not be paid to watch the game if you were not already scheduled to be on shift.

If I’m scheduled to be on shift but don’t want to attend, can I leave work early and stay on the clock (or, just not come if the game is at the beginning of my shift)? 

No, if you are scheduled to be on shift, you must still arrive to work for your shift. See your supervisor directly for specific details regarding your requirements.


I'm an exempt employee...

Can I attend the Watch Party?

Yes! Please check with your supervisor directly before going to the Robin’s Center. We encourage teams to attend together! Please use discretion with the urgency of your workload and if possible, remain reachable via email during the game.