Professional Development

The University of Richmond fosters an environment of lifelong learning and professional development. Employees of the University have access to a wide variety of programs, courses, and learning events that contribute to personal career enrichment. Whether an employee chooses to complete a class online, attend an instructor led seminar over lunch, receive individual performance coaching, or pursue a degree, there is something to help each employee achieve their development goals.

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Professional Development

The following courses are open to all University employees. Log into UR Talent Web, search for the course title, and register.

Managing a Hybrid Team

While flexible work arrangements can be beneficial for both the University and employees, they pose new challenges for managers. This workshop is intended to provide managers of hybrid teams the knowledge and skills necessary to help their team members build trust, stay connected, and be productive.

Performance Management at UR

From creating goals to how to prepare for and have one-on-one check-in conversations, managing performance can seem daunting for managers and employees alike. This course aims to decode performance management at UR and equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage performance.

Creating an Inclusive Work Environment

Studies show that a diverse and inclusive workforce leads to a greater sense of belonging, which in turn, improves engagement and overall satisfaction within the organization. In this workshop, you will learn how to create a more inclusive environment through your everyday language and spaces.

Understanding and Combatting Microaggressions

When we encounter overt racism or discrimination in the workplace, we have a pretty good idea of what to do. The same cannot be said for more subtle digs and jabs, whether intentional or not. These are called microaggressions. In this follow-up to our Creating An Inclusive Work Environment workshop (see above), you will learn microaggressions, their impact, and methods of responding when a witness or a target.