Finder's Fee

The University is committed to identifying and hiring great employees. We encourage our current employees to be ambassadors for the University, seek out qualified and talented candidates, and refer them to open positions. The University provides a $200 finder's fee (i.e. referral bonus) to current employees when they refer a hired external applicant to an open full or part-time position. *Policy effective June 2015. Individuals who referred part-time external hires prior to June 2015 are not eligible for the finder's fee.

The finder's fee will be provided to a current employee:

  • As long as the referring employee has no input or a decision making role in the hiring process
  • When the applicant acknowledges the employee in their application or during the hiring process - only one person may be listed as the referring employee
  • When the candidate is hired for a permanent part-time or full-time role
  • When the new employee has successfully completed his/her 6 month probationary period

The recommending employee will receive an e-mail notification and an additional $200 in his/her next paycheck after the new employee has completed his/her 6 month probationary period.