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A partnership between Human Resources and Health Promotion, URWell Employee aims to provide resources for the whole person, from physical wellness to financial wellness, emotional wellness, and beyond. For health screenings, fitness incentives, helpful courses on handling various life challenges, financial wellness sessions and more — URWell Employee has you covered.

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URHR Kudos

Julian Kline, Facilities

I'd like to give Julian a kudos for his hard work during our plumbing shutdown this summer. He was in at 6 am every morning and was working 5 ten hour days to make sure we stayed ahead of the schedule. While it was the two of us on shutdown, he was hard at it while I was in meetings or meeting contractors for other projects on campus. Other trades also noticed his efforts and had made comments to Frank and myself. Also he completed four years of plumbing school and will soon be a carded plumber at the university. Thanks for the extra effort Julian!!  - Submitted by Scott McIntosh in Facilities

Lana Larsen, ECSS

Kudos to Lana Larsen in Events & Support Services. Lana is incredibly knowledgeable and always helps when I have questions about reserving spaces, finding information, and best practices. She has impeccable attention to detail and if she notices something out of the ordinary she checks in. Thank you for all you do! - Submitted by Emily Peebles in Religious Studies

Mary Fitchell, Dining Services

Kudos to Mary Fichtel in University Dining Services for so patiently working with me to fulfill multiple food orders and service requests. Mary responds to my many emails with kindness and good humor, and she's top-notch when it comes to organizing overlapping requests and clarifying due dates for orders. She also took the time to explain to me the process for ordering from a University-approved vendor, something I'd not attempted before. The whole Dining Services team is great; I just wanted to add an extra-special kudos to Mary for her kindness and thoroughness. - Submitted by Janice Craft in the School of Law

Lyndsi Smith & Shelle Flowers, Payroll

The Payroll Department's team of professionals, led by the incomparable and oh-so patient Shelle Flowers, is always there when we have questions or issues. Special shout out to Lyndsi Smith, Payroll Specialist, for always exhibiting extreme patience and kindness. She makes sure our student workers and staff are paid on time, even if that means extra effort on her part by way of several back and forth emails and/or calls. We appreciate you, Lyndsi & Shelle, very much!! - Submitted by Karyn Kuhn in Psychology