Performance Conversations

Performance conversations take place all year and clarify for employees what they are doing well, how they’re progressing towards their goals, and what, if anything, they can focus on to achieve success in their roles. At a minimum, supervisors meet with their employees twice annually to check in on progress in the middle of the year, and to review performance at the end of the year. Both supervisors and employees think about and prepare to discuss:

  • What progress has been made towards the goals?
  • What have been the greatest accomplishments?
  • What might be getting in the way of achieving the goals?
  • What are the employees’ greatest strengths?
  • What the employee would like to learn more about? Improve upon?
  • How can the supervisor, department, and University help the employee achieve his/her career goals?

All employees, regardless of start date, should have an annual performance conversation. Externally hired employees, who start on or after March 1st each year, are not eligible for merit pay and automatically receive a “Too New to Rate” performance rating. Employees who transfer from one department to another during the year are eligible for merit pay and should receive a review, performance discussion, and rating that reflects their accomplishments in both departments.

Performance Conversation Guides