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Supervisors Guide

Supervisors play a critically important role at the University of Richmond, as they are expected to uphold and share information on university policies, hire great people, manage employee performance, develop employees, and build successful teams. This guide provides supervisors the information needed to do each of these things effectively. Information on employment law, university policy and processes, and links to important forms and templates are all included here. If you have questions about a topic that isn't highlighted, please contact your HR Business Partner.

COVID-19 Resources

Use the COVID-19 Decision Trees to help employees understand when it is safe for them to return to work after being exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms or experiencing symptoms themselves.

Hiring Toolkit

The University of Richmond is committed to hiring talented people who will thrive and contribute to our campus community. Supervisors play a critical role in this process. Whether you’re hiring a faculty or staff member, need a temporary floater, or are seeking consultation on interviewing, selection, or onboarding a new employee, the information you need to get started is here.

Manage Performance and Develop Employees

The University of Richmond supports the personal and professional growth of every employee. Supervisors play the most important role in establishing expectations, talking about performance, and developing and coaching their employees. The University has an abundance of resources to help supervisors with each of these.

Manage Employee Leave and Schedules

Supervisors are responsible for managing and approving employee leave. It is critical for supervisors to monitor leave regularly so that employees accrue time appropriately and so that the University is in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Manage Workplace Health & Safety

The University is committed to providing a safe workplace that is conducive to employee successful performance. Supervisors are responsible for making sure employees are safe and can work in an environment that allows them to perform at their best.

Pay Employees

The University of Richmond’s compensation program consists of a salary and career structure. The salary structure enables the university to manage compensation competitively against the market through market-based salary grade ranges that provide enough width to account for variation in individual experience and performance. Supervisors are responsible for knowing our compensation structure, policies, and how to apply them to individual employee situations.


Reorganization is the redesign of an internal structure initiated at the discretion of leadership. It may be done to drive new initiatives, improve efficiency and effectiveness, adapt to trends, focus on core competencies, or maximize service.

Separate an Employee

Supervisors are responsible for understanding separation processes and sharing relevant information with employees regarding benefits, leave accruals, and insurance. Contact Human Resources as you are preparing for an employee to leave the University by filling out the Separation Personnel Action Form (PAF).