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Probationary Period

The hiring, transfer, promotion, and placement of an employee will be subject to a probationary period of six months. Special job classifications may require a longer probationary period.

This probationary period provides for job adjustment (including on-the-job training), performance review, and an opportunity for both the employee and the University to determine whether or not to continue the relationship.

Employment may be terminated by the employee or by the University for any reason at any time during the probationary period.

An employee's probationary status does not affect his or her enrollment in benefit plans.

Satisfactory completion of the probationary period does not negate the at-will nature of the employment relationship.

Sick and vacation leave is available for use as it is accrued. Holidays that occur during the probationary period will be paid according to the employee's eligibility. Staff members must be employed by the first work day of the calendar year in order to be eligible for personal day leave for that calendar year.

Revised: 2.14.2016