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Relocation Services

The University of Richmond partners with Joyner Fine Properties (JFP) to provide eligible faculty and staff with the best relocation experience possible. JFP offers a single point of contact for experienced and professional real estate brokers and agents for property sales and rental assistance. Some features of Joyner's relocation services include: competitive mortgage rates, professional moving and storage services, and home security and wiring in addition to home warranty products. Please visit Joyner's online portal to see more details on the benefits and discounts of this program or contact Rachael Joyner at 804-270-9440 or

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for relocation services?

Generally, exempt full-time employees in pay grade 6 or above who are moving to the Richmond area from more than 50 miles away are provided some level of relocation allowance.

2. What expenses are reimbursed?

Relocation covers the cost for moving household items only. It does not cover costs such as the expenses of buying/selling a home, utilities, security deposits, pet boarding fees, real estate taxes, driver license fees, car tags, and any other items not specifically listed in the taxable and non-taxable expenses.

3. What expenses are taxable?

If any of the following items are provided in your offer letter, the IRS requires they be considered taxable. Therefore, when these items are reimbursed by Joyner, taxes will be withheld:

  • Return trips to former residence
  • Travel expenses for preliminary trips to the area for house hunting and any other travel related expenses when visiting the area, including lodging
  • Temporary housing
  • Car rental (except if the car is used as transportation to the area for the move)
  • Meal expenses in route
  • Room service
  • Long distance telephone calls
  • Storage charges that occur more than 30 days after the move

4. What expenses are non-taxable?

Joyner reimburses the expenses that the IRS allows for relocation and are non-taxable to the employee:

  • Moving of household goods and personal effects
  • Packing, shipping, or crating costs of personal effects
  • Manual labor assistance to load and unload truck
  • Packing materials
  • Storing and insuring household goods and personal effects that occur within 30 days of moving
  • Transportation costs (airfare, train, or car rental) for employee and household members
  • Gas receipts for personal or rental vehicles
  • Tolls and parking fees

5. How long do employees have to use the relocation funding and services?

Moving expenses must be incurred within one year of the date of employment.

6. How does the process work?

Faculty relocation allowances are approved by the appropriate Deans and are included in the faculty appointment letter. Staff relocation allowances are included in the employee's offer letter. Expenses are reimbursed - advance payments are not provided. Once reimbursement eligibility and allowance is determined, the employee bears the responsibility to:

  • Contact Joyner Fine Properties to coordinate the move
  • Verify all expenses being reimbursed by the University are valid
  • Submit a travel voucher with original, detailed receipts within 60 days of the completion of the move to Joyner

7. Does the University provide temporary housing?

Temporary housing is not typically offered to new employees. Departments may make temporary housing available in special circumstances. All other requests must be approved by the Senior Associate Vice President of Human Resources.