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Performance Timeline

The performance timeline begins each year with setting mutually agreed upon goals, checking in on progress mid way through the year, evaluating accomplishments at the end of the year, and then awarding merit pay. Coaching and feedback conversations should take place throughout the year so that employees know how they are progressing towards their goals.

performance cycle

Plan Goals and Priorities (June-September)

Supervisors and employees discuss goals and expectations for the year and document the goals in UR Talent Web. At any time of the year, employees and supervisors can document performance milestones and accomplishments. Goals can also be updated and revised as department priorities shift.

Mid Year Check-In (December-January)

Supervisors and employees meet to check in on performance for the first half of the year. Conversations reflect on accomplishments, changes to goals, and expectations for the second half of the year. Supervisors and employees should include comments about each goal in UR Talent Web to document the conversation.

End-of-year Review (March-May)

Supervisors and employees review performance for the year. Supervisors and employees document accomplishments, progress towards goals, and areas of focus within UR Talent Web. Supervisors should not only document performance and ratings in the system, but also have a year end review conversation with every employee to discuss accomplishments and performance for the year.

Award Merit Pay (June-July)

Merit pay is effective July 1st for both bi-weekly and monthly employees.  It will be reflected in mid-July paychecks for bi-weekly employees and August 1st paychecks for monthly employees.