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Performance Ratings and Merit Pay

The University has high standards and uses the following guidelines when evaluating staff employee performance. 



Exceeds Expectations

Performance frequently exceeds requirements in important areas of responsibility. Results and processes for achieving them are above the University's standards.

Meets Expectations

Results and performance meet all job requirements and occasionally exceed them.

Improvement Needed

Performance meets and occasionally falls below what is expected. More than usual supervision and specific development plans are needed to fully meet job requirements.

Does Not Meet Expectations

Performance requirements are not met for a number of important job responsibilities. Tasks are accomplished with close and continual supervision/direction.

Too New to Rate

Employees hired on or after March 1st each performance year. Although not eligible for a merit increase, these employees should still have a performance conversation.

FY20 Salary Increase Matrix

Overall Rating

Increase Range

Exceeds and Meets Expectations

greater than or equal to 2.25%

Improvement Needed

0.0% - 1.75%

Does Not Meet


Each year, the University determines the available staff merit salary pool through the annual budget process. Each division awards merit pay based on employee performance. Merit pay is effective July 1st for both bi-weekly and monthly employees.  It will be reflected in mid-July paychecks for bi-weekly employees and August 1st paychecks for monthly employees.