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Performance Management Process

Performance management at the University of Richmond accomplishes the University’s mission while enabling professional and personal growth.

UR Performance Management Philosophy and Principles Working Draft

Philosophy of Performance Management

University of Richmond employees encourage themselves and others to give and be their best. We manage performance by being actively engaged and embodying a culture of shared responsibility, open communication, and respect. Our process is supported by timely and honest feedback with an emphasis on professional development and continuous improvement.

Principles of UR Performance Management

  • Performance enhances the University's Mission and Values.
  • Performance expectations are clear and consistent.
  • Performance expectations are communicated and are understood.
  • Everyone is accountable and has ownership over their performance.
  • Performance is measured on what you do (position descriptions) and how you do it (organization-wide competencies and values).
  • There is a focus on coaching, constructive feedback, and development.
  • Feedback is valued, expected, and invited from various different sources.
  • Exceptional performance is appreciated and recognized.