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Project Overview

HR recruited employees from a variety of departments across campus to serve on a steering committee tasked to reimagine performance management at the University of Richmond.

In an effort to obtain feedback from as many employees as possible, the Steering Committee conducted 29 focus groups that were attended by approximately 380 people. The feedback was synthesized by the committee and grouped into common themes. From these themes, a new performance management philosophy and principles were drafted, available here.

Based on the current working draft of the UR Performance Management Philosophy and Principles, the new process will include a focus on feedback and professional growth with an emphasis on competencies for employees and managers. The Performance Management project seeks to develop a streamlined platform for ongoing coaching, feedback, and recognition in an engaging environment between employees and managers.

What’s Happening Now?

The Committee is currently developing a new process with feedback from senior management. Please reach out to Committee members with questions about the project.


Performance Management Timeline