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Which employees are required to have a performance review?

All full-time and part-time staff members hired prior to March 1st of the year the review is taking place.

How do I approve an employee's goals?
  1. Log in to UR Talent Web
  2. Locate “My Inbox” on the homepage
  3. Select “Approve Goals”
  4. Approve or Deny goals for each outstanding user’s goal
How do I read and sign my annual performance review?
  1. Log into UR Talent Web
  2. Under the "Your Tasks" box on the homepage, select "Employee Signature for 2018-2019 Review"
  3. Follow the steps to read and sign your performance review

Detailed instructions are available here.

Why can't I find my performance review?

The performance review will not be accessible to the employee until the supervisor has completed, signed and submitted the review.

I have completed my review. Why is it still not showing as completed?

After clicking on the “Submit” button in the lower right hand corner of the last/signature page of the review, it is necessary to click “Submit” a second time when the confirmation message pops up.

How do I print a completed review?
  1. Log in to UR Talent Web
  2. From the sidebar menu, select "Performance" 
  3. Select "Performance Reviews"
  4. Check the box "Show completed and expired tasks" so that completed reviews will display
  5. Click on the review’s name, and a printable PDF version will open
Why aren't all my employees' reviews displayed under Your Tasks?

The Your Tasks window only displays a maximum of 6 reviews on the UR Talent Web homepage. You need to click on “Your Tasks” to display all of your employees' reviews.

How do I view an employee's prior year review?
  1. Log in to UR Talent Web
  2. Select "Performance" from the sidebar menu
  3. Select "Performance Reviews"
  4. Check the box “Show complete and expired tasks" so that prior year reviews will display
How do I access goals and annual performance reviews for indirect reports?
  1. Log in to UR Talent Web
  2. Select “My Team” from the sidebar menu
  3. Select the sub-level “My Team”
  4. Select the green plus sign on your direct report’s profile
  5. Select the employee you wish to view
  6. Select "Performance"
  7. Choose "Goals" or "Reviews" to view
Why can't I submit my goal?

If you have added Tasks within the goal, be sure the task weight percentages add up to a total of 100%.

Why don't the employee's goals appear in their annual performance review?

Before starting an annual performance review, make sure you have approved that employee's goals. If the employee’s goals are in a Pending status, you need to approve them. See the above FAQ for how to approve or deny goals.

When goals are created, a Start Date and Due Date will automatically default in that are equivalent to the start and end of the current performance rating period.

We do not recommend changing these dates. If you change the dates and they fall outside of the current performance rating period, the goal(s) will not appear within the review.

How do I view comments on goals within an annual performance review?

Once you are in the review:

  1. Select the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the goal
  2. Select "Goal Page Comments"
How do I add attachments to a review?

Both managers and employees can add attachments. When you are on the review page:

  1. Select the “Options” drop-down
  2. Select “Attachments” and add up to 3 attachments